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We know you have compelling business initiatives that you need to nail to help drive your business—and maybe even your job depends on the adoption you have of the platform. The next generation of Modus ensures that both of these happen...and with very little time and investment.

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Here's what we're delivering when you upgrade:

  • A modern and intuitive interface that’s similar to Netflix—and a delight to use for high adoption.
  • AI-based content ribbons that learn user behavior—and present favorites, most used, and more.
  • Carousel banners to highlight key initiatives like launches, rebrands, mergers and spiffs.
  • Presentation builder that allows direct and indirect reps to build and easily share customer presentations from within the platform.
  • Digital sales rooms that deliver collaboration and customer interaction to increase buyer engagement and trust—and display buyer intent information for better follow-up.
  • Enhanced analytics that make sense and allow you to adjust on-the-fly when needed.
  • Integration with Salesforce.

Existing customers are moving in droves to leverage the new Modus, and find that making the switch is easier than expected.

Customer feedback 💬 shows it’s (extremely) easy to quickly pick up and begin using this next generation, due to the familiarity of the interface:


"Modus has been incredibly supportive and easy to work with throughout the whole sales process, implementation, and launch. As a marketing admin, we're excited to have a platform to highlight our latest product innovations—and easily manage and update the content for our sales organization. Our sales teams love the ease of use across devices, knowing they can find what they need to move deals ahead, view engagement to see buyer intent, and follow up for wins.
We are seeing sales cycles shrink by up to 50% in just one year – which is outstanding for our industry! Knowing our customers will have the most updated content, and utilizing Modus Microsites (DSR), fundamentally changes how sales ought to be done – and we couldn’t do it without the ingenuity of Modus."
Jeff Alderson, MS
Jeff Alderson, MS Senior Marketing Strategist, Digital and Events Cold Chain Technologies, LLC

Choose from two different packages:

Next Gen Packaging - Prospects - V4 – Horizontal

The Best News?

Modus walks alongside you every step of the way to ensure the process is smooth for your business success.
Our migration plan is simple and fast. ⚡
Modus Migration Implementation Timeline
If you want to find out more about how the next generation of Modus is the right move for your company, check out this 12-minute video as Jeremy Schultz, President + CEO and David Kriss, Head of Customer Experience go into further detail.

So what do you have to lose?

Reach out to your Account Manager today to upgrade...its easy-peasy! 👍

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