Marketing is a key function of the revenue team. You need the tools and data to become a relied upon asset to your sales and ops colleagues. A sales enablement platform that simplifies how you distribute content and optimize program performance makes this possible.

Marketing Team - GTM

Push Out GTM Programs

Helping the business realize ROI on investments made for sales growth is a mandate. Getting programs to marketing and being nimble enough to shift with buyer trends is imperative. Modus simplifies content distribution, so reps have what they need to sell more, faster.  Updates content syncs in real-time so buyers and sellers always access the most up-to-date version.

Launch New Products

Build collections of products based on new product rollouts and distribute them to sellers - based on role, region and other factors. With everything needed to take a new product to buyers, sellers get and stay focused on the initiative. Buyers get an informed and relevant experience, and deals move forward.

Modus Collections Feature
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Grow Content Use

Sellers intuitively navigate to, or search for, content through the web or mobile app. Simple findability means they become more confident and competent to engage with buyers. Reps share content buyers’ need and create meaningful engagement that advances the buying journey. The frustration of unused content becomes a distant memory.

Gain Buyer Visibility

You’re required to prove the ROI of your GTM programs and content investments. This is difficult when you lose visibility to buyers once sellers get involved. Well, now you have visibility across the entirety of the buying journey from marketing through sales. You’ll know what your reps use to learn and engage, and what content resonates with buyers.

Modus Analytics for buyer engagement
Marketing data analytics with Modus

Usage Analytics

Gaining insights from data is a growing challenge. You need data that tells you waht's working and what needs tweaks. With data showing you which content is used, by whom (both sellers and buyers), you now have insights to act on to optimize go-to-market programs and new product launches while they're in flight. So much better than a postmortem after the fact.

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