Use Sales Enablement as a Guide for RevOps

Experience is now more important than product. Eighty-four percent of customers agree.

The interactions your customers have across marketing, sales, and customer success create their experience. This requires the three functions to work together in coordination seamlessly. Giving your customers what they want has never been more imperative for sustainable growth.

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What's It About?

To be competitive, the companies that excel at creating compelling experiences across the entirety of the customer continuum are the ones that win.

The best way we can think to support this goal is Revenue Operations. This is because RevOps serves as the unifying force that pulls marketing, sales, and success under one umbrella and unites them by putting your customer at the core—at every stage of their experience with you.

In this paper, you’ll learn:
  • Why RevOps is a solid model for sustainable growth.
  • How a sales enablement approach puts the focus on experience.
  • What marketers and customer success teams will gain.
  • What sales enablement brings to RevOps to ease the effort to change.