Selling in Volatile Times

By Jill Konrath

What you used to do, probably isn’t working right now. Buyers are conserving cash and delaying decisions - so what are you doing to combat that?

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What's It About?

Selling in volatile times requires fresh strategies. This eBook, written by sales strategist, Jill Konrath, provides tips to develop those strategies to be productive now and into the future.

In this paper, you’ll learn these tips, and more:
  • Avoid being irrelevant by bringing expertise, not just selling, to your prospects.
  • Pivot the conversation from focusing on today to focusing on the future.
  • Reduce the risk factors making it easier to do business with you.
  • Make yourself into an invaluable asset - not just when someone is looking to buy, but today when being a trusted advisor is more important than ever.

Also, grab this tip sheet "7 Tips for Selling in Volatile Times" with instant access and submit the form on the right to get the full eBook.

It’s time to take immediate action so you can weather these tough times.