Rethink Virtual + Digital Buyer Enablement

To Get Sales Done

Attention and engagement were hard enough to come by before the pandemic, when sellers were face-to-face with B2B buyers. It’s even more difficult when you’re an image on a screen in a virtual meeting.

Rethink Virtual Digital Buyer Enablement Resources Image

What's It About?

Audience multi-tasking, limited interaction, and passive presentations are the main reasons 70% of sellers say they find remote selling less effective than in-person meetings.

Beyond virtual meetings, self-service experiences are in demand as well as better, more relevant digital experiences overall.

With the need for an increase in tech-enabled selling, it’s imperative to rethink buyer enablement from a virtual + digital perspective.

In this paper, you’ll learn:
  • Why Digital Sales Rooms are becoming a thing.
  • How Digital Sales Rooms unite buyers and sellers.
  • What Virtual Experiences can do for always-on demand gen.
  • How Microlearning contributes to buyer enablement.