How Vacuworx Uses Modus to Keep Sales Conversations Going

Learn how Vacuworx uses Modus as an essential business tool during these uncertain times. The Modus partnership prepared Vacuworx to handle this sudden shift with Covid-19 in ways sales are done and smoothed the transition to remote selling for their reps. Hear how they have armed their sales teams with tools that are flexible and mobile-first, keeping sales moving.

What's It About?

In this 30-minute, conversational webinar with Paula Bell, Director of Marketing, you'll learn how Vacuworx pivoted their sales team to adapt to these challenging times through:

  • Strong sales and marketing alignment to continue having better, helpful sales conversations.
  • A custom sales app that provides sales resources right at their fingertips - whether in the field or working remotely
  • Instant access to branded sales content that helps Vacuworx maintain a customer first focus.