Executives Share Candid Insights about Innovating to Fill Your Pipeline

Key Strategies for Innovation with sales experts:

- Stephanie Hammes-Betti, SVP Innovation Design, US Bank

- Travis Stanton, Editor, Exhibitor Magazine

- Alice Heiman, Founder + CSO, Alice Heiman, LLC

What's It About?

Like most of us, you're probably rethinking your priorities and designing how you are going to shift into this new business landscape. So are we. To help with these changes, we gathered an elite group of leaders who have offered to share their strategies for innovation.

In this webinar, you'll learn:
  • Proven strategies to get content into sales reps' hands and understand how they use it.
  • How to tap into existing customer relationships to further grow their value.
  • Experience first-hand how leading brands are innovating for existing and new customers.
  • Learn how to innovate through the power of connection in this new business landscape.
  • Walk away with fresh ideas that are actionable for your and your team.