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Wilson Tool International is the world’s largest and only company of its kind, providing the most comprehensive line of tooling systems and accessories for the Tableting, Stamping, Bending, and Punching industries. The company prides itself on exceptional customer service—and the most reliable, and innovative products and solutions to make its customers more successful by resolving their most challenging fabrication issues.

"We've had some great success along the way. From the sales guys getting opportunities to send materials out as soon as they're available—to marketing having insight and knowledge as to what's working in the field. We've made sure that sales gets what they need, and it's in a timely manner."
Jeremy Edson
Jeremy Edson Global Product Manager, Wilson Tool
Industrial Sales2

Success Highlights

  • • 25-50% cost savings in print production.
  • • Increased content usage.
  • • Analytics that help marketing support sales.
  • • Data insights that deliver buyer intent.
  • • 8-10 hrs/week saved in sales meeting prep time.
  • • Higher customer engagement/building trust.

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Their Challenge

Wilson Tool's Global Product Manager, Jeremy Edson, wanted to increase content marketing usage, see what was most effective, and set the sales org up for success. Like many industrial manufacturing businesses, Wilson Tool lagged in deploying new technology to make their sales/marketing teams more efficient and effective. 

 Marketing didn't have quality insight into the most effective collateral with customers, including what was most used and shared.

The sales team was challenged with using printed materials: staying on top of print orders, keeping track of what was most up-to-date, and physically carrying everything to share with buyers. Sales engineers would spend hours before meetings, pulling together information from different sources.

Edson met with sales engineer leadership and shared his vision, and the group was excited to find something that would help them be more efficient and effective with their buyers. 

Their Solution

After seeing a demo of Modus, Edson was excited about the opportunity to have a more effective and concise way to get new marketing materials to the sales team, as well as the reporting capabilities he would receive from the platform.

Wilson got going with Modus quickly. Edson said,

"The implementation was much easier than anticipated. We were able to add and group all of our content easily. It was so easy that the person doing it was only going to try a few to see how long it might take...and then she had it all loaded that day."

They quickly rolled Modus out to their sales engineers in the field—and many saw the benefit of having the materials they needed digitized, and in a single location that was easy to find.


Industrial Sales

Their Results

The sales team appreciates the ease of use, and ability to quickly get information to buyers—while ensuring it's the most up-to-date. Feedback from sales engineers include:

  • It saves at least 8-10 hours per week in meeting prep time.
  • Allows effective use of demo videos to share products.
  • Gives access to everything they need within a couple of clicks.
  • Enables quick adjustments as buyer conversations shift.
  • Appreciate insight into when something they send is read, downloaded or shared.
  • Understand buyer intent to easily follow up and advance deals.

Both the marketing and sales teams have realized the benefits of a simplified sales enablement platform that's inviting, easy-to-use, and increases content use and buyer engagement.

"We starting to see a lot more engineers (at customer locations) that are in their 20s and 30s, and want things digitally. When I tell them they don't have to flip through a catalog, but can use a digital version with an index that takes them to the product they want...I mean, we're light years ahead of where we were!"

What's Next

Wilson hopes that additional sales engineers will adopt the platform. They are planning to continue to use analytics to better support the sales organization. There are some new ways they may use the platform, and increase usage, by having "super users" share their best practices. Additionally, they plan to move to Modus's next-gen platform to make it even easier for sales engineers to engage with buyers.