Somero Increases Sales with Modus’ Content Management, Virtual Product Tour  + Analytics

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About Somero

Headquartered in Florida, Somero® Enterprises Inc., is an innovator in the concrete industry with technology and equipment that enables customers to produce higher quality floors with fewer people. They view their business as far more than simply selling equipment by providing their customers access to unparalleled industry expertise, training and support in the concrete industry.

Concrete contractors use the company’s patented technology to pour floors faster, flatter, and with less people for some of the world’s largest organizations including Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Coca-Cola, FedEx, and Tesla in the U.S. and for B&Q, Carrefour, and Mercedes-Benz overseas.

“If a company is interested in knowing what customers are doing with their sales material when they send it out, Modus provides trackability and visibility that has been a game changer for us.”
Brad Wymore
Brad Wymore Marketing Director

The Challenge

In presenting technical specs or other selling collateral, the Somero sales team and dealers tapped a cloud-based asset library and then downloaded the information they needed. “The problem was, there was no way to make sure everyone had the most recent versions of the sales materials or to track engagement,” says Brad Wymore, Marketing Director. “It was a great storage container; nothing more.”

There were two other problems that Wymore wanted to solve. Sales reps had a difficult time sending the large files that were stored in the cloud and often had to send multiple emails or not be able to get them sent at all. “In the past, there was no way to send three large files,” Wymore explains. “We would have to send them as attachments and one video could be 30 MB. It wasn’t realistic to send content that way.”

Additionally, it was difficult to share compelling training for new product launches with the sales teams in a timely manner. Somero was in the process of developing their new SRS-4 Laser Screed® Machine – their lightest boom Laser Screed® machine with 360-degree visibility and wanted reps to be up to speed on it fast to begin selling to customers.

Wymore wanted a software solution that was easy to use, could help organize their content, keep it updated and use analytics to track engagement. Since he formerly worked at a B2B agency that recommended many selling tools, Wymore was familiar with a number of B2B sales enablement tools. “I had an idea of what I wanted and also looked at Seismic and Guru,” Wymore says.

Their Solution

Somero chose Modus and rolled it out to their sales reps with training via a Zoom call. Reps were easily taught how to share a brochure, set up a meeting, share a presentation, read the prospect engagement statistics, follow up, and even how to get a contract signed all through the Modus platform. Wymore says, “Basically I showed them how to fit it into their lives. When Modus was presented, they all recognized how valuable it would be to track and grow sales.”

Adoption of Modus has been high among the sales team. In the first six months of Modus use, Somero had 55 active users, with 22 of those being distributors. “Culturally, as a company, we’re very engaged,” Wymore says. “If something is going to help us sell one more machine, we’re all for it.”

The analytics and content engagement capabilities were even more important during the pandemic with travel and in-person visits on hold. “Modus gives us visibility that we never had before,” Wymore says. “The ROI is that it’s obvious to see which customers are most engaged and the ones we need to spend time on.”

Now, they can tell if a prospect looked at the materials and/or shared them and concentrate on cultivating those who have engaged with the content multiple times. That’s important because Somero sells expensive, heavy machinery and the sales process is typically long – especially if a rep targets a cold lead.

“Modus really fits our industry well. It is super streamlined and easy to use in the field, and a lot of our sales team sends follow ups from their trucks when they are on a job site,” says Wymore.

Modus also significantly modernized their new product training with the roll-out of their SRS-4 Laser Screed® machine. Wymore confirmed, “It was a very nice and fluid launch.” He was able to share his screen on a zoom call and walk reps through the content assets in real-time while focusing on the most important selling points. He said, “Modus definitely allowed for a more collaborative launch than I had been able to do in the past.”

He could also see that the most popular pieces of content being leveraged and viewed were the pricing sheet and the feature video. This offered new insight for future product releases and allowed reps to zero in on their most engaged customer leads for the new offering.

What's Next

Virtual Product Tours, Lead Capture + Analytics

Somero has had such a positive experience with Modus that their dealers and distributors are also using the platform. They have also added Modus’ Virtual Product Tour to help bring their products to life. This has greatly increased customer engagement and given sellers the ability to show the full capabilities of Somero's products without the heavy cost of shipping. In fact, they've used VPT at tradeshows saving the company thousands of dollars a year in transport costs! Additionally, they've added the Modus Lead Capture service to maximize their tradeshow ROI and quickly follow up on leads. 

With all of this, Somero also receives the right value-add analytics that helps them to know their buyer's intent signals, what materials are being most used and most viewed and so much more. 

Wymore says, “If a company is interested in knowing what customers are doing with their sales material when they send it out, Modus provides trackability and visibility that has been a game changer for us.”

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