Boosts Efficiency + Improves Ramp To Revenue

Modus + Lumenis Success Highlights
  • • Delivers all assets directly to reps, and on mobile devices.
  • • Simplifies sales process + allows quick customer follow-up.
  • • Allows reps to see when material is opened.
  • • Eases product rollouts + training.
  • • Enjoys 85-100% adoption of the platform.
  • • Creates better buyer experiences.
  • • Increases "mental money" through efficiencies.
  • • Provides insight into what content/training is most effective.
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Lumenis is a global leader in minimally-invasive clinical solutions for the Ophthalmology and Aesthetic markets, and is a world-renowned expert in developing and commercializing innovative energy-based technologies including Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), and Radio-Frequency (RF).

“One thing we've seen heightened and confirmed (through the pandemic) is that time and our 'mental money' is critical. Anything I can do to help reps have strong, positive mental attitudes—I want to do. The Modus mobile app has really helped because it frees up significant time for users, and allows them to be as responsive as possible to customers.”
Robb Cloyd
Robb Cloyd US Director - Sales Training, Lumenis
Lumenis Aesthetics Technology

The Challenge

Lumenis was loading and shipping out individual iPads for sales reps. The company also didn’t have an effective way of getting updates to their field sales reps.

Information was in disparate places, difficult to find, and reps were using outdated assets—or creating their own—which were often inconsistent and non-compliant.

Additionally, Lumenis had no way of tracking when a customer engaged with the content reps had shared, nor did Marketing have insight into what material was most used and effective.


Their Solution

Modus was able to win the business against a top competitor to deliver a simplified way of loading, updating and distributing content. This enabled reps to always have access to the most current material to be easily shared with customers. Robb Cloyd, US Director of Sales Training, said:

“Modus made it easier for marketing to distribute content—and easier for sales to get it, view it and send it out and from mobile.”

This was critical for driving revenue. The platform allows Lumenis to quick-start new reps, and get them to produce revenue as fast as possible.

Robb leverages Modus in his training and says it has been instrumental in helping both sales and marketing better align, and be more efficient. With the ability to update and distribute information across the company, reps have the most current, relevant and useful information at their fingertips to easily engage their buyers. Lumenis boasts over 85% adoption of the platform because they use it to onboard all new reps (25-32/quarter!) and reiterate the tool's value.

“Our goal is to empower our salespeople so they can focus on sales activity and don’t have to waste time hunting for information.”

Robb believes in the "7+ Touch" method and reiterates the necessity and value of using Modus throughout his training process. He assigns specific tasks to new reps to get them quickly acquainted with the platform and hammers in that:

“Modus helps deliver revenue and new opportunities. It’s one of our top three sales tools.”

Lumenis shared their goal is to have reps up and running with Modus by Day 2. Robb appreciates the responsiveness and willingness of his account + support teams to step up to help in this endeavor. Modus has assisted in getting users set up and driving usage with ‘how to’ videos, support information, and more.

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Next Steps

Lumenis previewed Modus NextGen—and was excited to move to the updated platform to help their content come to life, increase their organization capabilities, and drive better compliance.

With the help of the Modus migration team, Lumenis is now in the implementation process—and will soon be enabling reps to use the NextGen platform to drive even more revenue.

Best Practice Tip ☑️

Lumenis sales training has reps practice by sending assets from defined folders in their first 2 weeks. This enables them to:

  • Get comfortable using the platform.
  • Engage with Modus early, and up-and-running quickly.
  • Help deliver quick ROI.