World's Leading Industrial Manufacturer Delivers Leads 300% Faster + Provides Sales App to 12,000 Global Users


About the Customer

This customer is the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy equipment. They use a global dealer network of over 200 dealers in over 150 countries to sell and distribute machinery and equipment.

“With [Modus] we are able to tie leads from events to actual sales.”
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The First Challenge

This industrial manufacturer principally operates through its three product segments: construction industries; resource industries; and energy and transportation. One of the company’s continuing initiatives is capturing and delivering high-value leads for its global dealer network.

The digital marketing team had been using multiple, isolated tools, which caused some trade show leads to be lost at the point of contact. In addition, delays in following up diminished the value of some of the leads. They needed a solution to help streamline its lead generation process, while improving its digital marketing ecosystem.

Key goals:

  • Capturing leads and delivering them to global dealer network more efficiently
  • Improving the company’s digital marketing ecosystem
  • Effectively presenting and communicating complex technical information for a wide variety of products

Challenge 2

Having dealers all over the world with thousands of sales representatives presents some unique challenges in disseminating marketing and sales materials. Our customer needed a way to get up-to-date materials and information out to its broad network of dealers, quickly, efficiently and in a format that could be deployed worldwide on a variety of platforms in multiple languages.

Their Lead Capture Solution

The digital marketing team at the company worked closely with the Modus development team to incorporate design and single sign-on requirements and made it their own with branding.

The team chose Modus because of its ability to integrate with Oracle Marketing Cloud, which seamlessly transfers leads directly to lead scoring, and delivery to dealers via Also, the team chose Modus because its sales enablement platform is optimized for large global organizations with dealer networks such as theirs.

The sale app uses the camera in the iPad, iPhone, or Android device to scan bar codes on attendee badges and pre-populates contact forms, which saves time and increases lead accuracy. The app can capture a wide range of data, including contact information, content viewed, product interests, purchase preferences, and time frames.

The solution gives our customer the additional benefit of being able to nurture trade show leads while the show is still in progress.

Solution 2: The Mobile Sales App

This industrial manufacturer now has over 12,000 users of their custom branded Modus app. Dealers now have a beautiful, media-rich platform to show videos and 360-degree views of large equipment in any sales meeting. Many of the dealers have created their own app which allows them to add materials and branding that are unique to their dealership while still having access to our customers corporate media libraries while still maintaining the company's brand integrity.


Lead goals exceeded across multiple industry events


Faster lead deliver to dealers


Reps use the company's mobile sales app worldwide