Cold Chain
Streamlines Sales Process—Sees 50% Reduction in Sales Cycles

Modus + Cold Chain Success Highlights
  • • Creates a "single source of truth" for company.
  • • Enables CCT to put curated content in front of customers.
  • • 90% adoption rate across the sales team.
  • • Eases distribution to sellers with most up-to-date versions.
  • • Ability to build collections of assets for specific needs.
  • • Engages buyers with Digital Sales Rooms.
  • • Streamlines the sales process to win deals.
  • • Reps have reduced their sales cycle from 12 to 6 months.

With over 50 years of experience, Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) understands the logistics, applications, and requirements that the specialty pharmacy industry faces.

Most recently, CCT supported the temperature-sensitive supply chain delivery requirements of over half-a-billion COVID-19 vaccines globally with the industry’s broadest portfolio of single-use and reusable systems.

CCT proudly embraces a sustainable future, achieving an interim goal of over 40 million pounds of landfill avoidance through Q1 2023, while targeting a total goal of 60 million pounds by 2025. 

Cold Chain Shipping Container

CCT’s highly trained professionals guide customers through the latest URAC qualification processes, and their cutting-edge ISO 9001:2015, ISTA-certified, cGMP-compliant lab can do the testing for customers. They offer assistance with compliance documentation for regulatory and accreditation audits, as well as PQ study kits and services.

CCT SMART Solutions, its proprietary suite of digital applications, helps customers to make informed decisions about planning, creating, and tracking shipments. CCT enhances solutions for the specialty pharmacy market by finding the right balance between cost, resilient performance, compliance, and sustainability while being digitally connected.

"We're excited to have a platform to highlight our latest product innovations—and easily update content for our sales org. Our sales teams love the ease of use across devices. They know they can find what they need to move deals ahead."
Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson Sr Marketing Strategist, Cold Chain Technologies

The Challenge

Although CCT has been around and on a growth trajectory for many years, it (and the industry it serves) was thrust into the spotlight during the Covid-19 pandemic as a perfect supply chain solution for the various Covid-19 vaccines on a global scale. The public became much more aware of the importance of strict temperature control of valuable and life-saving medications, using CCT’s portfolio of passive and reusable shipping systems.

Throughout their company, sellers, marketers, and other team members used Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams for content asset management.

For the type of growth they were experiencing, and the need to be able to quickly and easily access materials, these platforms were not fitting the bill.

They discovered that their sellers were spending a significant amount of time searching for the right product information to share with customers—and oftentimes accessing their hard drives to share outdated and/or inconsistently branded materials. Additionally, reps were highly dependent upon marketing to get what they needed while interacting with buyers.

Because materials were not categorically organized, reps would call almost daily, and email the marketing team to get what they needed. This was inefficient for both the sales and marketing teams. In addition, remote reps often kept files on the local drives of their computers, further complicating the issue with older system information and branding standards alike.

CCT's Senior Marketing Strategist for Digital & Events, Jeff Alderson also shared that he was trying to better bridge the gap between their marketing, product, and sales teams.

As the head of Events, Alderson initially began seeking out a solution to streamline their lead-gathering process at trade shows. But with the shutdown of trade shows throughout 2020/2021, he then sought out a content management solution.

Modus won out primarily against competitor Showpad because of the comprehensive solution where Modus could be utilized for lead capture, display of the Virtual Product Tour (VPT) on the website, and the capabilities of customization and security available within asset management.

Their Solution

In Alderson’s words, CCT was looking for a ‘single source of truth’ for their company.

"Modus flipped the script by giving CCT the ability to put the right curated content in front of the customer, and to build the path to conversion for the sales team."

Within a short 3.5 months, they had the Modus platform installed, their power users trained, and were up and running. They’ve since rolled it out to their entire organization with a 90% adoption rate amongst their sales team. CCT immediately saw a drop in the volume of emails and calls to the marketing department looking for collateral to use for customers—and importantly—fewer to almost no instances where a rep had documentation on their computer of which no one else had access.

CCT was able to upload all curated content for each of their offerings, and organize it into logical collections for their reps. Now CCT's marketing team can easily distribute the right content with the correct branding, and ensure that the materials their sellers use is always the most up-to-date version. This is important to a company like CCT, that sees many new product updates and custom client requests, requiring the latest files for reps to learn from and to share externally.

With a Netflix-like user interface, Alderson says he gets a lot of compliments from reps that Modus is easy to use. They can locate whatever they need—whether on a phone, iPad, or any other device.

Jeff says that the reps consistently using the platform are building their own collections of assets for specific segments and product types, and sharing them with other reps. This not only takes some of the burden off the marketing team, but helps their sellers better work together to drive revenue for the company.

They also really appreciate leveraging Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) to engage with their buyers. Recipients of the DSR can consistently refer back to the conversation and easily find the collateral they might need to share with stakeholders, rather than searching through email inboxes. Since the DSR is centrally stored, they are assured that the version they're viewing is always the latest version. This is the primary benefit they have seen with Modus.

Additionally, CCT reps have noted they really like the ability to view when a piece of content is viewed or shared. This helps determine the level of buyer interest, and gives reps clues about the interest in specific offerings.

Alderson reported that they see a direct correlation between his power users of the platform and top sales quarter over quarter (i.e., the top seller is the top user of Modus).

When connecting in a larger group within commercial meetings, this correlation has continued to the top 5 to 10 reps also being the top sharers within Modus.

Next Steps

Alderson has been producing training videos and leveraging other product training that has been created. He’s using this to build a centralized internal use collection. They are looking at further expanding this so employees have a single place to go for all their internal information. They would also be able to use it for onboarding new team members. He’s already seen the most recent hires are top users of the platform and using Modus to quickly get up to speed.

Additionally, CCT is further refining its instance of Modus—and its curated collections—to more effectively align with market segments. This will enable their sellers to easily grab a full collection of content for a specific type of buyer, and send it off. It will streamline the sales process allowing for quicker buyer engagement and won deals.

Cold Chain KoolTemp Extreme

In fact, Alderson shared that some reps have already seen a 50% reduction in sales cycles for those sellers using the app—reducing the sales and implementation cycle in several key segments from 12 months to 6 months.

In Alderson’s terms, he’d like to see reps "further peel back to the onion" to leverage the full breadth of what the platform offers as a next step.