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Featured Story | The Toro Company

Sales + Marketing Impact at a Global Scale

toro-logo-1Toro's complex sales infrastructure requires a massive amount of content for a variety of audiences, across multiple languages. To keep their marketing priorities clear, they rely on sales enablement data to understand how assets are used—and what contributes to closing deals

To learn more, click on the case study below, or watch our interview with Karine Watne—Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications + Training—about how Toro drives global growth through successful sales enablement.

Case Study Header-Somero
Increasing Sales with Content Management + Analytics

Somero came to Modus with 3 challenges: providing sales with a trackable platform that contained the newest assets, making large file-transfer easy, and sharing compelling training for new products.

Case Study Header-Vacuworx
Putting Vacuworx in a Rep's Pocket Lifts Sales

Selling a vacuum lifting solution is easier when a customer can “see” it. Find out how new ideas continue to evolve how Vacuworx puts sales enablement in play with reps and dealers.

Case Study Header-Konecranes
Achieving 90% Adoption for Branded Sales App

As a company that takes their world leader reputation seriously, Konecranes needed their sales reps to leave a "gold standard-level" impression—every time.

Case Study Header-Caterpillar
Providing Sales App to 12,000 Global Users

Having dealers world-wide, with thousands of sales reps, presented some unique challenges for Caterpillar to deploy marketing and sales materials in languages across the globe.

What Do Sales Reps Think?

We asked customers from DJO, Turck, Caterpillar, Toro, Vacuworx, MedExpress, and Horton what their sales reps loved about Modus.

Here's what they had to say...


Simple Content Organization

Burlodge needed to simplify and organize all the information that comes with buying a large appliance. They recognized the struggle of searching through large storage files and the frustration of losing critical information that salespeople and customers need.

Using the “My Burlodge” App, their customers can access manuals, training videos, operational data and recipes easily at the swipe of a finger and in areas such as hospital maintenance closets and kitchens with stacked appliances where information is needed but wifi is not available.

“Our long-term care facility has outgrown its current space and is designing a new facility. We recently met with the engineers and needed specs for the new space based on current equipment offerings from Burlodge. I was able to use my iPad to forward the specs that were in the app while in the meeting and the engineers were thrilled!”


Better Sales Conversations

BI wanted to maintain brand control while enabling sales reps to have better conversations with customers and know they received updated content.

Using Modus, reps report this is accomplished with their use of agendas for planning and sending follow-ups to customers. Managers know content is received and how it's used.

“Modus helps us have very strong control of our brand."
Mark Thornton Director, Sales Recruiting + Training

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