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Featured Story  |  Cold Chain Technologies

A Streamlined Sales Process

Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) experienced rapid growth and needed to bridge the gap between their marketing, product and sales teams. Using the Modus platform they were able to easily highlight and promote their latest innovations, keep sellers up-to-date, and engage with buyers more effectively.

In fact, CCT has seen a direct correlation between power users of the platform, and top sales quarter over quarter (i.e., the top seller is the top user of Modus). Some reps have already reported a 50% reduction in sales cycles.

Cold Chain LogoTo learn more about CCT's success highlights, click on the case study below, or watch a G2 review from CCT's Senior Marketing Strategist for Digital + Events, Jeff Alderson.

Lumenis BeautyTech For Life
Boost Efficiency + Ramp to Revenue

Lumenis had challenges familiar to many: difficulty sharing current assets, ineffective methods of updating field sales reps, and little insight into customer engagement.

Case Study Header-Toro
Sales + Marketing Impact at a Global Scale

Toro's complex sales infrastructure requires massive amounts of content for various audiences and languages. To keep their marketing priorities clear, Modus enabled them to understand assets usage—and what contributed to closing deals.

Case Study Header-Somero
Increase Sales with Content Management + Analytics

Somero came to Modus with 3 challenges: providing sales with a trackable platform that contained the newest assets, making large file-transfer easy, and sharing compelling training for new products.

Wilson Tool Case Study
Raise Productivity While Cutting Costs

The Wilson Tool team was looking for a way to move past printed materials and long meeting prep times. They turned to Modus to help modernize their approach to enabling sales to engage buyers.

Case Study Header-Vacuworx
Putting Vacuworx in a Rep's Pocket Lifts Sales

Selling a vacuum lifting solution is easier when a customer can “see” it. Find out how new ideas continue to evolve how Vacuworx puts sales enablement in play with reps and dealers.

Hearing Aid Icon-2
Leader in Hearing Care Revolutionizes Buyer Experience

Our world-class hearing care client chose Modus as their easy-to-use, high-value AND robust sales enablement platform.

Genetics Icon
Innovative Genetics Company Increases Their Buyer Engagement

Modus was able to deliver the marketing and sales enablement this customer needed—along with just-in-time training.

Telecom Icon
Telecom Speeds Savings + Onboarding with Retail Enablement

By leveraging the Modus platform, this customer accelerates both rep onboarding and revenue production.


Simple Content Organization

Burlodge needed to simplify and organize the information that comes with buying a large appliance. They recognized the struggle of searching through large storage files, and the frustration of losing critical information that salespeople and customers need.

Using the “My Burlodge” app, customers can access manuals, training videos, operational data, and recipes easily—and in areas such as hospital maintenance closets and kitchens where information is needed, but wifi is not available.

“Our long-term care facility outgrew its current space and designed a new facility. We met with the engineers and needed specs for the new space, based on current equipment offerings from Burlodge. I was able to use my iPad to forward the specs while in the meeting, and the engineers were thrilled!”


Better Sales Conversations

BI wanted to maintain brand control while enabling sales reps to have better conversations. They also wanted to ensure their customers had the most up-to-date information.

Using Modus, reps report this is accomplished with their use of agendas for planning and sending follow-ups to customers. Managers know content is received and how it's used.

“Modus helps us have very strong control of our brand."
Mark Thornton Director, Sales Recruiting + Training

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We asked customers from Turck, Caterpillar, Toro, Vacuworx, MedExpress, Horton and more what their sales reps loved about Modus.

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