Episode 8 | Sheevaun Thatcher:

Going Beyond Sales Enablement


Going Beyond Sales Enablement 

Chief Sales Energizer, Alice Heiman, leads an insightful conversation with Sheevaun Thatcher at RingCentral. And this is a fun one—with actionable insights that you can take back to your own organization to help drive growth. 

Sheevaun has transformed both learning and enablement all across the business. She believes we need to go 'beyond sales enablement' and ensure that everyone in the organization is on the same page—with the ultimate focus of everything they do being on the customer. This customer-first approach requires alignment, and having the right tools in place for information to be easily found and distributed. And guess what...RingCentral's content usage is somewhere in the 80-90% range—way above industry standards!

There's so much more in this engaging podcast that you won't want to miss out on. Listen today. 

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