Episode 7 | Jeremy Schultz + David Kriss:

Is Sales Enablement Dead?


Is Sales Enablement Dead? 

In Episode 7 Alice addresses the provocative question "Is Sales Enablement Dead?" with sales enablement veterans—and Modus leaders—Jeremy Schultz & David Kriss. 

Their lively conversation covers the gamut of where sales enablement has been, but more importantly, what the future of enablement looks like. Businesses are facing the same challenges today as when sales enablement came to be (content usage, sales efficiency and effectiveness). But some of these problems have grown even worse. With years of experience between them, Dave and Jeremy share their compelling insights into what needs to change. And the answer may surprise you...it's all about simplifying. 

This simplified approach is about aligning teams around one goal: ensuring sellers are equipped and prepared to have engaging conversations with buyers—and can help move those buyers forward in the decision process.

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