Episode 6 | Amanda Healy Collins:

Stay Flexible + Think Outside The Box


Stay Flexible + Think Outside The Box

In Episode 6, Alice chats with Amanda Healy Collins, VP of Sales at Box. The crux of their conversation is about 'flex' and meeting customers where they are. 

Changes in the way business is conducted, and in the buying journey, have initiated the need to reach customers differently. Alice + Amanda dive into new ways (and some old...hint: picking up the phone works!) to engage buyers. Sales reps will have the most success if they do their homework, adequately prepare, and genuinely care for customers. There are more great nuggets of advice, including using wine and whiskey, so that should pique your interest! 🍷 💡 😀

You can join the Box Team, and a ton of guest speakers—including Olympian Allyson Felix—at BoxWorks on October 6th, 2021. Learn how technology is shaping the future of work, and the role content plays.

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