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A Sales Hub that Adapts To Your Brand

Take advantage of our expertise, save time and money with a sales enablement app that’s configured how you want and looks how you’d like it to. Why adapt to a system when the system can adapt to you?

Brand Your App’s Theme

From naming your sales enablement app to choosing colors, fonts, and background images, the way you work with your sales reps, dealers and distributors is up to you. Make sure your brand is represented consistently, everywhere else you show up.


Decide How Elements Display

When buyers click on content shared by sales reps you can send them to the content itself or to a branded, customized landing page. Want “What’s New” at the top of the screen, you got it. Workflows and app display are easy to match to how reps work.

Modus App Customization-1

Vanity URLs Honor Your Brand

Don’t settle for a sub-domain that promotes your vendor and confuses your buyers. Vanity URLs mean links resolve to your specified domain so there’s never any question about your brand when buyers click on the links sent by your sales reps.

Modus Branded URLs

Localize for Language

Activate regions complete with their local language with a few clicks in the app. Share only the appropriate content and sales assets with users in each region. The Modus Sales Hub helps your sales reps, dealers & distributors go to market like locals.

Modus - Cat App - Chinese Language Example

Elements that Bring Everything Together


Help sales reps, dealers & distributors articulate value customers care about with short, on-demand video training.

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Gain visibility to know what’s working with content, buyers and sellers and your dealer networks across the buying process.

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Easily connect your tech stack with two-way data exchange to eliminate silos and reduce the effort of sales enablement.

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World-class brands rely on Modus to get sales done

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Modus: Your Team's Competitive Advantage 

See how modern sales enablement can help your team get sales done.

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Content Management

Ensure reps quickly find the best content to support every selling conversation.

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Interactive Selling

Buyer engagement relies on interaction. See the Interactive selling tools that get sales done.

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Sales Readiness

From onboarding to training and planning, win rates increase when reps are ready.

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Lead Capture

Amplify performance and prove the ROI from your investment in events and trade shows.

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