Virtual Experience 2


Virtual Experiences Mobilize Remote Selling

Use a 3D virtual experience (VX) microsite to generate demand. The always-on, interactive site creates dynamic buyer discovery and engagement. Let buyers choose their own adventure, drawing on curiosity to trigger action in a remote sales environment.

Always-On Interactive Microsite

You could use VX for an awesome trade show booth, but why not go big and create an always-on experience buyers will seek out to be inspired and informed? Think virtual showroom, virtual event, or even a city on the moon. Unleash possibilities for remote selling.


Invite Buyers to Explore and Discover

Livestream a webinar or share it on demand. Offer gated content, videos, and walk-around product tours. Every hot spot compels buyers to discover and learn more about your offerings in an active way that invites participation. Update to keep it fresh.


Capture and Qualify Leads

Ask buyers to announce themselves when they arrive at your VX or let them browse and then capture their details when they ask for more by visiting specific areas. Ask qualifying questions and sync it all to your CRM or MAP in real-time for follow-up.


Activate Sales Conversations

Invite buyers to relax in your lounge and chat with your sales reps to personalize their experience. Hold open office hours at set times every month to have informal conversations that propel deals forward at your buyers’ convenience.


Elements that Bring Everything Together


Gain visibility to content, buyer, and seller engagement to know what’s working to increase win rates.

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Easily connect your tech stack with two-way data exchange to increase ROI by removing silos.

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White Labeled App

Take your brand everywhere with customization that goes beyond your logo and color palette.

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