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Sales Enablement Advances Field Readiness

Just-in-time learning and video coaching feedback elevate sales rep skills and knowledge. Gamification keeps them engaged and Agenda Builder ensures meeting planning is on point.

Onboard, Train & Coach Sales Reps with Microlearning

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Shorten Time to Selling

Onboarding is a major initiative for sales leaders. Rather than trying to cram new reps’ brains full of everything they’ll ever need to know, use Microlearning to help them learn fast with information they use—and retain—and get them in the field.

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Continuous Skills Development

Change never ends for buyers, markets and selling conversations. Never miss a chance to upskill with just-in-time Microlearning that gives reps information on demand. Increase win rates for product launches, market expansion and account retention.

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Tap the Competitive Spirit of Sales

Most sales reps are competitive by nature—they strive to win. Sales enablement leader boards encourage engagement in learning to be the best and the result is competent sales reps that align with buyers to get more sales done, faster.

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Agenda Planning a Click Away

Agenda Builder makes meeting planning a breeze. AI powered search helps them curate content to support the sales conversation in a few clicks. Buyers will appreciate the care for context and content that helps them envision their problem solved.

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Elements that Bring Everything Together


Help sales reps, dealers & distributors articulate value customers care about with short, on-demand video training.

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Gain visibility to content, buyer, and seller engagement to know what’s working to increase win rates.

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Easily connect your tech stack with two-way data exchange to reduce silos and effort with sales enablement.

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White Labeled App

Take your brand everywhere with customization that goes beyond your logo and color palette.

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World-class brands rely on Modus to get sales done

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Modus: Your Team's Competitive Advantage 

See how modern sales enablement can help your team get sales done.

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Content Management

Ensure reps quickly find the best content to support every selling conversation.

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Interactive Selling

Buyer engagement relies on interaction. See the Interactive selling tools that get sales done.

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Lead Capture

Amplify performance and prove the ROI from your investment in events and trade shows.

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