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Interactive Selling is Visual & Dynamic

Differentiation is your sales reps helping buyers visualize their problem solved. Virtual product tours, assessments, kiosks and workflows help reps win more deals when using sales enablement that supports conversations in context.

360⁰ Product Tours for Deeper Dives

Buyers don’t buy unless they can see the future. Virtual product tours allow your reps to engage buyers in a deep dive about the features that matter for their specific situation. Easily create interactive tours with PDFs, images, videos and more.

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Show Buyers What’s Possible

Seeing is believing. Modus Web Bundles help you easily create assessments and ROI or TCO calculators that support the value of your sales messaging. Sellers help buyers explore the payoffs and then send the outcomes via PDF to help buyers decide.

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Kiosks Invite Buyer Exploration

Whether at a trade show or on your dealer’s showroom floor, Kiosks allow buyers to take virtual product tours and view collateral they can email themselves. Actions taken are recorded in your CRM, so reps know precisely how to engage.

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Dedicated Customer Microsites

Modus automatically groups all the content you share with a buyer from the app on one landing page. Use the comment discussion thread to extend conversations. Your buyers can invite others to view and comment and everyone receives alerts of new activity.

Customer Microsites

Always-on Virtual Experiences

You could use VX for an awesome trade show booth, but why not go big and create an always-on experience buyers will seek out to be inspired and informed? Think virtual showroom, virtual event, or even a city on the moon. Unleash possibilities for remote selling.

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Elements that Bring Everything Together


Help sales reps, dealers & distributors articulate value customers care about with short, on-demand video training.

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Gain visibility to content, buyer, and seller engagement to know what’s working to increase win rates.

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Easily connect your tech stack with two-way data exchange to reduce silos and effort with sales enablement.

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White Labeled App

Take your brand everywhere with customization that goes beyond your logo and color palette.

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World-class brands rely on Modus to get sales done

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Modus: Your Team's Competitive Advantage 

See how modern sales enablement can help your team get sales done.

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Content Management

Ensure reps quickly find the best content to support every selling conversation.

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Sales Readiness

From onboarding to training and planning, win rates increase when reps are ready.

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Lead Capture

Amplify performance and prove the ROI from your investment in events and trade shows.

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