Get More From Your Tech Stack

Quick and easy integrations make your Sales Hub more valuable by bringing tools and systems together to simplify processes, increase visibility to data across teams, and get sales done…faster.

Strengthen Your Source of Truth

CRMs are still not your sales rep’s favorite tool. Increase sales productivity by automating much of the manual data entry from sales activity and ensure data makes it into your account and contact records. Selling time increases and win rates accelerate.

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Bridge Marketing & Sales

Marketing Automation is the system of record for marketing programs. Integrations with MAPs make routing and nurturing more effective with visibility for both teams. Marketing can prove contribution to revenues and gain insights for content strategy.


Put Storage Repositories to Work

You’ve already invested in a storage repository, so keep it as the system of record and push sales content and collateral to Modus. Sync handles updates and archival, ensuring your systems match, and that only compliant content is accessible.

Cloud Storage Integrations

Increase Efficiency with DAM Integration

Compelling content and virtual product tours give buyers reasons to engage with sellers. Making those assets available online or offline, whenever reps need it is the key to getting more sales done.

Digital Asset Management Integrations

Elements that Bring Everything Together


Help sales reps, dealers & distributors articulate value customers care about with short, on-demand video training.

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Gain visibility to know what’s working with content, buyers and sellers and your dealer networks across the buying process.

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White Labeled App

Take your brand everywhere with customization that goes beyond your logo and color palette.

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World-class brands rely on Modus to get sales done

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The Competitive Advantage Your Team Needs

See how Modus can help your team get sales done.

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Content Management

Ensure reps quickly find the best content to support every selling conversation.

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Interactive Selling

Buyer engagement relies on interaction. See the Interactive selling tools that get sales done.

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Sales Readiness

From onboarding to training and planning, win rates increase when reps are ready.

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Lead Capture

Amplify performance and prove the ROI from your investment in events and trade shows.

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