3 Ways To Nail
Your Next Meeting Follow-up

Sellers know following up with prospects can make or break a sale. This is where you can show you were listening, build trust, and set yourself up for the next conversation.

David Kriss, Head of Customer Experience at Modus, shares 3 simple tips for your next follow-up so you gain momentum, grow engagement—and win deals.

3 Simple Steps For Sales Success

Follow Up Immediately

You should immediately reach out after a meeting, from wherever you are (car, airport, home). Busy sellers are always moving to their next meeting, so send a follow-up before you forget. Don't miss the opportunity to connect and show that you care.

Tailor Your Message

Nobody likes a canned message. Show you were listening to your prospect by calling out a pain point they mentioned, something personal, or a specific solution that will make their job easier. This goes a long way in building trust and relationships.

Don't Leave 'Em Hanging

You did the right thing, and sent a follow-up. But you haven't received a response! Use the data in your digital sales tool to gain insight into where your buyer stands. Have they opened the message? If not, send another relevant and useful resource.