Use Content to Get Sales in Buyer Conversations

A mobile sales enablement app helps sales reps use marketing content to engage buyers with relevant perspectives and insights they need to make a purchase decision.

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Marketers Rise to the Challenge

Marketers are being tasked to become accountable for contributions to deal progression and revenue. Lead generation, trade shows, product launches, and ABM are keys to growth, but all require joint efforts with sales for success.

Marketers need visibility into what content sales is using, how they’re using it, and how buyers are engaging with it at every stage. Modern sales enablement provides these insights to inform the creation of content that will help drive clear, provable business impact.

"Modus provides a great sales tool, and that alone is something I appreciate because we want to make sure our salespeople have what they need when they need it. But I think Modus provides a powerful marketing tool as well. My team and I rely on the analytics to make better decisions on our marketing content budget."

Karine Watne
Senior Manager, Marketing Communications & Projects, The Toro Company


Interactive Content Engages Buyers

Your buyers expect relevant and compelling experiences, not a slog through static content. Turn images, copy and video into virtual product tours and interactive sales content without need for coding.

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AI-Powered Content Tagging

Creating a centralized content library that your sales team will love can leave marketers groaning at the effort. With AI-powered tagging and meta data, your effort is minimized while the ways sales can search to find content quickly are infinite.


Help Sales Use Content in Context

Sales reps don’t instinctively know how to use content to best effect. A sales enablement app with Microlearning allows you to provide just-in-time video insights to perspectives presented by content so reps have more compelling buyer conversations.


Control Brand Consistency and Content Compliance

When sales reps are sharing content directly from your sales enablement hub—rather than content they save to their devices who knows when—you can be confident they’re using the latest, compliant content with buyers.

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Boost Trade Show Performance

Scan forms, badges and business cards to capture leads; automatically create contacts in your CRM, and rout leads to campaigns in context. Compare events to know which bring the highest ROI.


Visibility & Analytics for ROI

Most marketers are unable to measure content performance for contribution to revenue. With a sales enablement hub, you’ll have everything you need to prove impact with buyers, usage by sales reps, and to optimize your content marketing strategy across the buying process.


Success Story


Sales reps say Modus helps their effectiveness. Marketing uses analytics to inform resource spend.

Toro sells its equipment through a worldwide network of indirect channels. This takes a massive amount of content in multiple languages. They wanted a central source of truth for all content, but one that could deliver a customized user experience based on geography and sales role. The marketing team needed data about content asset use and contribution to deals won to inform content creation.

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