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The podcast that brings you innovative approaches to build strong customer connections—maximizing engagement + growing revenue.

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IPOG Episode Thumb--Jay Baer and Ardath Albee
E1: Jay Baer + Ardath Albee | 3 Ideas Revenue Leaders Can Use Today

What do sales enablement, customer engagement, tequila and rabbit holes have to do with your success? Join podcast host Alice Heiman, and her guests Jay Baer and Ardath Albee, as they launch the In Pursuit of Growth monthly podcast—sponsored by Modus. These business growth experts will be discussing how sales and marketing leaders can look at revenue operations in a new light.

IPOG Episode Thumb--Roderick Jefferson
E2: Roderick Jefferson | How to Solve Your Customer's Pain Points

In this episode, Alice speaks to sales enablement practitioner and author Roderick Jefferson about something we all want to be better at: understanding our customers' pain points to provide the solutions they actually need. It's time for sales teams to focus on providing the experience clients can only get by working with you and your company.

IPOG Episode Thumb--Tyler Lessard
E3: Tyler Lessard | Making Connections That Matter With Video

Marketers and sales leaders have been told for years to focus on video to reach and convert customers. But there's an art to connecting in authentic and meaningful ways. In his interview with Alice, Tyler Lessard—VP Marketing and Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard—unlocks his secrets-to-success, and shares ideas on how to move prospects through the sales process with video, while keeping them engaged every step of the way.

IPOG Podcast Site Thumb--David Fortino
E4: David Fortino | Create Compelling Conversations with Content

It's time for marketing content to adopt a singular purpose: to enable sales. In this episode, Alice talks with David Fortino—Chief Strategy Officer at NetLine Corporation—about elevating your company's position in the market by focusing on content that specifically enables sales teams to drive conversations with prospects.

IPOG Podcast Site Thumb--Tim Riesterer
E5: Tim Riesterer | EPISODE COMING SOON!

As Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, Tim helps companies improve their customer conversations. Blending behavioral science, journalism and B2B decision-making research, Tim helps commercial teams influence the way buyers frame value and make choices. One part story and another part skill is how Tim describes what it takes to create and deliver winning conversations.


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