Sales is the growth engine of an organization. With simplified access to content, tools, and just-in-time learning your reps can create meaningful engagements with buyers—and advance and close deals.

Increase Win Rates

Keep reps focused on content and tools they need to consume and use to gain access to buyers and create better conversations. Empower them to automatically create personalized microsites when sending follow-up materials to buyers that become collaborative arenas for deal advancement. Buyers view content, ask questions, invite other stakeholders, and reach consensus to buy faster—and more often.

Sales Increase Win Rates
Medical Sales Meeting

Grow Seller Competency

Prepare reps to engage buyers with meaningful conversations that expose and advance buyer intent. Buying is a change to status quo. It’s hard and getting harder. Equipping reps to understand buyer personas and how to help them gain confidence in their choice to change is what sales competency enables. Just-in-time learning fits in rep workflows and simplifies their efforts to help and be relevant.

Attain Program Adoption

Sales reps are notorious for avoiding change. They believe new tools and processes interfere with their selling game. Sales reps use Modus daily because it provides easy access to consume content, buyer engagement tools, and just-in-time (JIT) learning. But what they really love are the insights to when buyers engage and with what content so they can be responsive and helpful. With Modus, they get all of that.

Only 30% of new business initiatives succeed, mostly due to a lack of employee buy in.
McKinsey Group
JIT Learning
Account Expansion with Modus Content

Win Account Expansions

Retention and growing customer lifetime value is a key growth initiative. One that requires a different conversation than a net-new customer. Ensure your reps can ace the “Why stay?” conversation just as easily as they can the “Why change?” discussion. Equip your service teams to use Modus to file tickets, request real-time updates from the office, and fulfill customer requests from the field while on site.

Seller Analytics

Managing sellers and improving their competency amid never-ending change requires data. Get reporting on seller engagement in skills development, content usage, and follow-ups with buyers. You’ll also see what content sellers engage with and be able to optimize sales motions based on what buyers responded to most often before buying. Even better, dive deep into anomalies to see if what happened is something to encourage as a growth driver...or not.

Seller Analytics

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