Marketing is a key function of the revenue team, and a relied-upon asset to sales and ops colleagues. A sales enablement platform that simplifies how you distribute content and optimize program performance takes you to the next level.

Marketing Team - GTM

Push Out GTM Programs

Reaching target customers and achieving a competitive advantage is a must when launching GTM programs. Your team must be nimble enough to react to changing customer needs and market shifts. Modus makes it easy to distribute content so reps have just what they need, when they need it—at their fingertips. And you can rest assured that what reps are using is always the most up-to-date, correctly-branded and marketing-approved version.

Launch New Products

Build content collections for new product rollouts and distribute them to reps—based on role, region or other factors. With everything needed to take a new product to the finish line, sellers get (and stay) focused on the initiative. Buyers get an informed and relevant experience, and deals move forward.

Modus Collections Feature
Balto Demo Group Web

Grow Content Use

Sellers can intuitively navigate to (and search for) content through the web or mobile app. Easy-to-find content yields more confident and competent reps when engaging with buyers. Advance the buying journey with content that fits a buyer's needs. The frustration of unused content becomes a distant memory.

Gain Buyer Visibility

You’re required to prove the ROI of your GTM programs and content investments. This can be difficult when you lose visibility once sellers get involved. Modus allows you to see across the entire buying journey—from marketing through sales. You’ll know what your reps are using to learn from, and what content is really resonating with buyers.

Modus Analytics for buyer engagement
Marketing data analytics with Modus

Usage Analytics

Gaining insights from data is a growing challenge. You need data that tells you what's working and what needs tweaks. With data showing you which content is used, and by whom (both sellers and buyers), you now have insights to act on. You'll be able to optimize go-to-market programs and new product launches while they're in flight—so much better than a postmortem, after the fact.

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