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We make distributing content and engaging your buyers simple—plus marketing and sales alignment actually attainable.

Welcome to the era of real marketing ROI and sales effectiveness. Modus is sales enablement simplified.

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Wasted Marketing Content? Inefficient and Ineffective Sales Process? Let’s Change That.

Modus makes it easy for your marketing team to share content, for sellers to find and use that content to advance deals, and for operations to prove value. Kiss content waste goodbye. Say hello to sales effectiveness with our simple content distribution and buyer engagement solution.


Easy To Use Marketing Content
Exceptional Content Made Usable

Your marketing team creates brilliant content. But sales either can’t find it, or they have no idea what’s updated and relevant. 

Modus makes content distribution and consumption so easy, your sellers will actually have to search for an excuse not to use it. We offer the most advanced search capabilities—and can be accessed anywhere—so your sellers can find the right content, whether they’re selling in-person or in Timbuktu.

Not sure which content is progressing deals? We deliver the right analytics to help you measure your content marketing, and adjust your strategy in real-time.

Sell With Confidence
Stop Guessing, Start Selling...

...Efficiently! Ready for this? Sellers spend 65% of their time on non-selling activities. What the heck are they doing? Well, they’re preparing for engagements, searching for collateral, and sending follow ups with no visibility into buyer engagement.

Modus helps sellers deliver the digital buying experience buyers want and expect—with the resources they actually need, without spending hours preparing for each sales conversation.

Goodbye to the dark days of blind follow-ups with uninterested buyers. Welcome to the future: a collaborative selling experience and insight into buyer intent. 

The Best Sales Content Platform
Finally, a Platform that's Awesome

Sellers pulling their hair out trying to learn your newest sales tool? User adoption rates on your current platform low? Team in the weeds navigating your tech stack? Sounds like a failed onboarding experience and an impossible mission to prove tech ROI.

Modus is a platform your marketing and sales teams will actually want to use—and it’s super user-friendly! Think: A Netflix-like, personalized experience without a steep onboarding curve. It's streamlined, so your team won’t get distracted with unnecessary features. Plus, you’ll get access to analytics to prove ROI, including usage across individual reps (and more).

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Your Business Is Unique. That’s Why Our Capabilities Are Wide Reaching.

Our platform is simple: We help marketing teams distribute content, and sales teams better engage prospective buyers. But we know and appreciate that your business is much more complex than that—we just believe the platform you use to drive revenue growth shouldn’t be.

Homepage -- Business Intiatives
Make Complex Business Initiatives a Snap

Rebrand or new product launch? Merger or acquisition? Sales Kickoff? Complex business initiatives call for marketing and sales harmony. Enabling your team with Modus makes marketing content easy to find—and gives sellers the ability to leverage current information for customized buyer engagements.

Homepage -- Indirect Sellers
Untangle a Network of Indirect Sellers

Managing a network of dealers, distributors, and channel sellers can either be a headache or a piece of cake. Reunite indirect sellers with an access at anytime app (available on iOS, Android and Windows) that gives them the power and confidence to accelerate sales with content you know is timely and accurate.

Homepage -- DSR
Give Buyers a Personalized, Digital Experience

Give modern, self-service buyers what they demand: a true digital experience. Modus helps reps create digital sales rooms where sellers share relevant content that drives engagement and earns buyers' trust. Digital sales rooms give both sellers and buyers a platform to collaborate—online, anywhere, at any time.

Overwhelmed By Your Current Sales Platform?

That’s because it’s bloated and bulky. You don’t need an expensive tool that’s weighed down with unnecessary features. You need an easily adoptable platform that gives sales and marketing the confidence they need to connect with buyers, and move deals ahead. That’s Modus.

"Modus has been incredibly supportive and easy to work with throughout the whole sales process, implementation, and launch. Marketing is excited to have a platform to highlight our latest product innovations—and easily manage and update the content for our sales organization. Sales loves the ease of use across devices—knowing they can find what they need to move deals ahead, view engagement to see buyer intent, and follow up for wins. We're seeing sales cycles shrink by up to 50% in just one year–outstanding for our industry! We couldn’t do it without the ingenuity of Modus."
Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson Senior Marketing Strategist, Digital & Events | Cold Chain Technologies, LLC

Top Brands Use Modus to Drive Marketing ROI and Sales Success.

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Sales + Marketing Impact at a Global Scale

Toro's complex sales infrastructure requires a massive amount of content for a variety of audiences, across multiple languages.

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Boosting Efficiency + Ramp to Revenue

Lumenis had challenges familiar to many: difficulty sharing current assets, ineffective methods of updating field sales reps, and little insight into customer engagement.


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