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Drive Revenue by Gaining Mindshare with Dealers and Distributors

Without Mindshare it’s Hard to Influence Channel Sales

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Channel partners are notoriously underfunded and underappreciated. Considering nearly half of your
annual revenue likely comes from dealers and distributors, can you really afford your channel
enablement strategy to be an afterthought?

While channel marketers face a myriad of challenges in managing channel partners, sales enablement
technology can help you answer those challenges by gaining mindshare to help partners hone their
focus on selling your products.

You’ll put an end to inconsistent buyer experiences and brand disconnects while giving you that all-
important visibility into channel sales activities.

Download the guide to understand:

  • Top channel marketing challenges
  • How to use digital means to grow mindshare
  • Why instant mobile access creates more partner engagement
  • What Microlearning brings to help partners get sales done

When you can elevate the perception of how your partners view your relationship with them via
increased mindshare, their revenue achievement can become 55% higher than it is today.

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