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Modus Case Studies

Case Studies

Learn about use cases that enable more than 200,000 marketing and sales professionals to get sales done by engaging buyers in relevant sales conversations around the world.

Modus - Vacuworx Case Study

Putting Vacuworx in a Sales Rep’s Pocket Lifts Sales

Selling a vacuum lifting solution is easier when a customer can “see” it. Find out how new ideas continue to evolve how Vacuworx puts sales enablement in play with reps and dealers.

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Toro & Modus Case Study

Sales and Marketing Asset Performance at a Global Scale

Toro sells the majority of its equipment through a worldwide network of indirect channels like distributors, dealers, and retailers.

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Caterpillar & Modus Case Study

Maintain Brand Integrity through a Media-Rich Platform

Having dealers all over the world with thousands of sales representatives presents some unique challenges in disseminating marketing and sales materials.

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BI Worldwide & Modus Case Study

Facilitate Better Conversations Worldwide

BI Worldwide wanted their salespeople to have better conversations with customers, to maintain strong control over the brand and be able to make instant updates to presentations.

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Heartware & Modus Case Study

All-In-One Platform Integrates Tech and Provides Digital Content to Succeed

As Heartware grew, the need to have better marketing control over sales collateral became apparent. Their sales force needed a simple solution that was not difficult to learn.

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Avella & Modus Case Study

Significantly Increase Follow-ups and Leads with 100% Adoption in the First 30 Days

Avella needed to streamline content distribution, to integrate field activities with their HubSpot and Salesforce systems, and to better understand which content is leveraged by sales teams.

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Konecranes & Modus Case Study

Modus and Konecranes partnered to deliver CraneHub, a fully branded solution

Konecranes provides productivity enhancing lifting solutions as well as services for lifting equipment of all makes.

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Entellus & Modus Case Study

A Simplistic, Straightforward, and Easy Process for Deployment

Entellus needed a way to push new materials to their sales force. It was important that whether they were uploading a new video or updating a powerpoint presentation that sales had immediate access.

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Intersect ENT & Modus Case Study

Customized Deliverables Completed by Your Timeline

Intersect ENT needed a new mobile sales solution that would require minimal time for their IT department to manage, and function reliably with each new iOS update.

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Burlodge & Modus Case Study

Providing Innovative Systems at the Swipe of a Finger

Burlodge experienced frustration with losing critical information that salespeople and customers need. They needed to simplify and organize access.

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DSI & Modus Case Study

The Rare Platform: Ease of Global Expansion and Adoption

DSI chose the Modus Platform for mobile sales because of its simplicity. They needed an easy-to-implement solution that could be used worldwide.

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Meditech & Modus Case Study

Low Cost Alternative Providing Sophisticated Features to Increase Business

A number of businesses come to Meditech needing a mobile sales application. Meditech saw the need for a lower cost alternative that still provided sophisticated features.

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