Modus Releases Industry-Leading Buyer Engagement Tool that Helps Close Deals

Delivers a new digital transformation experience that facilitates meaningful engagements between sellers and buyers

December 16, 2021

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- Modus, the simplified enablement platform, today announced its Winter 2021 release featuring an immersive digital experience that delivers increased value to sellers and buyers, also known as a Digital Sales Room. Using a secure and collaborative microsite, B2B sellers can virtually interact with potential buyers and deliver hyper-relevant, unique and personalized content, and resources.

The buying journey has dramatically changed over the past two years. There is an increasing number of native digital buyers with a preference for interactive and digital self-service.  But along with that comes overwhelming amounts of information that is often contradictory - leading to customer confusion and stalled buying decisions. According to the Gartner 2021 Digital Buying Survey, customers who are overwhelmed have a difficult time making a purchase. By providing ‘rep-mediated’ digital experiences, sellers gain the trust and confidence of buyers and can help them make high-quality purchase decisions. 

“Modern buyers want to be met on their own terms and they don’t want to be ‘sold’ to, says President of Modus, Jeremy Schultz. “Our mission at Modus is to create meaningful engagement between sellers and buyers. With Digital Sales Rooms, we deliver an immersive and personalized offering that informs sellers about intent within the digital buying experience. It’s a secure and collaborative place where they can help guide buyers along their buying journey, solve their problems and in turn, accelerate and close deals.”

Modus’ Digital Sales Room provides a virtual place where content and resources that buyers need can reside and be shared with other members of the buying group.

The experience ensures that all of the buying "jobs" that must be completed are accounted for and tracked within this digital experience. The more a rep can help identify and complete the buying jobs - and solve the customer’s business pain - the more confident the buyer will be when it's time to purchase.

“Digital buying is here to stay.” says David Kriss, Head of Customer Experience.  “Giving buyers control of their journey while simplifying the complexity of information flow, provides value to buyers and insights to sellers they have never had before.” 

This announcement closely follows the launch of Modus’ next-generation platform that optimizes user adoption by bringing consumer technology trends into business applications, making them simple to use while boosting ROI.

Visit to see how this digital engagement portal can help align remote sales and marketing teams, boost virtual selling effectiveness, and meet buyers where they are.

About Modus:

Other sales enablement tools are complicated. We’re simple. Modus breaks the mold by solving the unique needs of sellers and providing comprehensive, user-friendly capabilities that deliver only what they need. We didn’t cut corners, we just cut the BS - our platform capabilities are based on real user adoption rates at companies like AT&T, Caterpillar and Toro. Modus is sales enablement, simplified.

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Source: BusinessWire