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Provide dealers, retailers, and distributors with content and just-in-time
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The More Partners Know, The More They Sell

Dealers and distributors tend to have limited in-house marketing resources and a lack of infrastructure to support sales efforts. Providing your partners with content and product information isn’t as simple as a handoff. They need to know how to use this information effectively with their customers.

There is a direct correlation between dealer and distributor success and the amount of mindshare they assign to your products. Modus provides a mobile sales enablement hub that motivates partners to benefit from your company’s expertise to boost channel revenue performance.

"Modus helps us have very strong control of our brand"

Mark Thornton
Director of Sales Recruiting & Training, BI Worldwide


Drive Revenue by Gaining Mindshare with Dealers and Distributors

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Simplify Channel Sales Programs

Reduce the challenge of managing partners by deploying a complete, intuitive sales enablement hub that provides visibility, interactive content, just-in-time learning, and tools that help them share your expertise with their customers.


Maintain Brand Integrity

Arming your partners with compliant content that’s available online or off means they’ll be creating buyer experiences consistent with those of your field sales team. You’ll know what content they use and how well they use it to win deals.

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Identify Which Partners Need Help

With visibility into which partners are engaging with your content and Microlearning videos, your territory managers will know when to step in to help with product knowledge or assist with getting stalled deals to close.


Deploy a Custom, Branded Mobile App

Mobile-first app design with your branding and customized workflows places all the information your partners need to succeed right at their fingertips while maintaining the consistent brand messaging your product and reputation require. Simplicity and easy access results in more sales.


Easily Support Multi-Language Needs

Supporting a worldwide channel program can be challenging for localization. With Modus sales enablement, it’s as easy as changing a setting with built-in support for 75 languages so each user’s view is dynamically matched to their needs and location. 


Measure Channel Engagement

For channel marketers that communicate with partners via email or publish content to a partner portal, it’s difficult to know where you stand. With Modus Sales Hub, you’ll know. This means you can optimize resources, proactively grow partner engagement and provide an assist when it’s most needed.

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Success Story


Maintain Brand Integrity through a 
Media-Rich Platform

Caterpillar uses a global dealer network of over 220 dealers in over 180 countries to sell and distribute machinery and equipment. Caterpillar needed a way to get up-to date materials and information out to its broad network of dealers, quickly, efficiently and in a format that could be deployed worldwide on a variety of platforms in a variety of languages.

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