Burlodge Case Study

Providing Innovative Systems at the Swipe of a Finger

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About Burlodge

Burlodge is a company that provides innovative food service system technology to organizations like hospitals and schools. Burlodge manufactures the equipment used in meal delivery. They also train people on how to use and support their equipment after the sale.

Burlodge iPad

The Challenge

Burlodge needed to simplify access and organize all of the information that comes with buying a large appliance. They recognized the struggle of searching through large storage files and the frustration of losing critical information that salespeople and customers need.

Our Solution

Modus was able to give Burlodge the organization and simplicity that they direly needed. With the “My Burlodge” App, their customers can access manuals, training videos, operational data and recipes easily at the swipe of a finger and in areas such as hospital maintenance closets and kitchens with stacked appliances where information is needed but wifi is not available.

In addition to the ease of access, the content within the platform is easily updated, ensuring that the most current product information is readily available. This gives clients the ability to fully understand the benefits of the products that they have purchased while learning how to use and support them.

Modus case study client handshake
“Our long-term care facility has outgrown its current space and is designing a new facility. We recently met with the engineers and needed specs for the new space based on current equipment offerings from Burlodge. I was able to use my iPad to forward the specs that were in the app while in the meeting and the engineers were thrilled!”