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When 82% of trade show attendees have buying authority, you must capitalize on leads...quickly.

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Modus Lead Capture Delivers:

  • The convenience of a premium lead retrieval platform to generate, prioritize and follow up with leads while they're hot—and before your competition!

  • Consistent lead qualification across all shows.

  • Ability to easily scan trade show badges or business cards at any event—large or small.

  • Deep integration with major CRMs/MAPs for customer tracking and seamless nurturing.

  • Customized forms to capture the right information that your business needs, so sellers re-engage with relevance.

  • Valuable data informing marketing of the most effective content.

  • Intuitive dashboards displaying the lead quality gathered at your trade shows.

  • Significant cost savings with digital content sharing (no shipping costs!).

  • Quick and easy implementation.

"Using Modus to capture show attendee data at tradeshows, and feed it into Eloqua real-time, has greatly improved the velocity of our lead processing and follow up—as well as standardized our collection process. Before Modus we used traditional rental scanners, and it would often take days for us to get the data in front of our sales development team. Now we can send collateral to the attendee on the show floor, and can follow up immediately after show close, putting us ahead of the game. In addition, our form questions are mapped to the Eloqua fields we need, consistently collecting data—and eliminating the process of mapping and scrubbing lead lists."
Yvonne Lunceford
Yvonne Lunceford Senior Events Manager, Avalara

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