Modus + Salesforce Integration

Already using Salesforce to track your sales activity? Great! We deliver an easy integration directly from Modus to Salesforce.

SalesforceHow does it work? If your reps are sending follow ups from the Modus platform, they are automatically created as a lead in Salesforce—no extra steps. And if they’re already a contact in Salesforce, their activity feed is updated with the information sent from Modus, including a link to the materials—pretty slick, right?

Activities are also recorded in Salesforce when a recipient takes action on a follow-up (opens, reads, forwards) helping with buyer intent signals. If you’re using our Lead Capture offering, the activity is also recorded whenever a badge or business card is scanned.

Automatically create tasks to ease sales rep’s administrative burden and use campaigns to set up leads and contacts to be added via admin functions within Modus.

Ready to increase your sales team’s efficiencies by skipping manual efforts of adding names to campaigns individually? Leads and contacts are added directly to your Salesforce campaigns through the Modus integration. Get started today!

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