Modus + Oracle Sales Cloud Integration

Modus serves as a bridge between marketing and sales by connecting with your Oracle CRM.

Oracle Logo 2023Your sales and marketing teams benefit from enriched sales engagement data, event information and buyer intent data that's automatically imported into your CRM—nice, eh!?

Actionable insights from follow-up opens, and media viewed in the digital sales room by prospects are sent directly to the Oracle Sales Cloud for your convenience. Existing contacts update automatically. If a contact you're reaching out to through Modus doesn’t already exist, a new contact record is created. When new events are created in Modus—you guessed it, notes in Oracle are updated with that pertinent information. No disconnects between your systems.

Ensure that buyer data and behaviors are synced between the platforms using these actions:

  • Update Contact if present. (If Contact is not present, create a Lead.)
  • Add Event to Notes.
  • Add Contact to Account.
  • Create/Update Contact.

Ensure your data is consistent and in sync with sales activities that occur offline. Modus shares data of what’s happening in the buyer journey and adds it directly into the Oracle Sales Cloud—easy peasy and saves time and effort! Get going with Modus + Oracle Sales Cloud today.

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