Modus + HubSpot Integration

Let Modus serve as a bridge between marketing and sales by connecting with HubSpot.

Hubspot-400Enriched sales engagement data and event information syncs directly from Modus → Hubspot to give your marketing and sales teams something to smile about (and have more time for other important activities)! Actionable insights—from email opens to media views by buyers—automatically show up in a contact’s timeline. If a contact requires updating, or if a new one needs to be created, voila...there it is—using the integration between the two systems. 

Contacts are easily enrolled in a workflow, directly from an action triggered in Modus. Marketers can use this to streamline putting leads into email nurture programs. The integration makes reporting and marketing actions effortless by contacts and engagements—direct to a static list Hubspot.

Buyer data and behaviors are synced between Modus and Hubspot this way:

  • Follow-ups sent from Modus.
  • Media opened and engaged with via the digital sales room.
  • Lead Capture activities registered.

Data remains in-sync and consistent with sales activities occurring offline. Modus fills the void of activities happening in the sales call by adding the information directly into Hubspot for sales insights and for marketing to take action. Experience the simplicity of the Modus + Hubspot integration for yourself!

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