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Content is the lifeblood of gaining engagement with self-service buyers. Simplify the way you distribute and activate content that supports go-to-market initiatives and ensure it’s used to advance deals.

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Centralized Sales Content Activation

Easily upload and distribute internal and external content to sellers and partners for instant access based on user and group permissions. Ensure the most current content is in use and decide which content can be shared and which should stay internal.

  • Continuous sync for real-time distribution in every region
  • Make content available offline when connectivity is limited
  • Access content on mobile phones, tablets, and web browsers

Go-To-Market Collections

GTM initiatives require sales reps to use specific content and tools. With Collections, marketers easily group program content, decks, solution briefs, promotions, and other resources in one folder for easy access by sellers to use with buyers.

  • Reps have everything needed for each program in one place
  • Distribute collections only to the reps who need them
  • Reps can create collections relevant to specific buyers
Modus App Go-To-Market Collections
Balto Demo Group Web

User Groups Control Access

User groups provide ease with distribution by controlling who sees which content. Simply create groups and assign parameters, then when you add new users, assigning them to a group enables the distribution of specific content to all their devices.

  • By region
  • By role
  • By dealer or distributor

Advanced Tagging for Findability

Sellers spend a crazy amount of time and effort trying to find the right content for every buyer conversation. A combination of search and custom tagging makes finding content fast and easy.

  • Tag by persona, stage, industry, product, and region
  • Search by keyword, filter with tags
  • Search includes indexing the content in PDFs
Balto Demo Tagging Web
Modus App Notification

Inform Reps with Notifications

New content is continuously published, promotions are activated, and new products launched. Push notifications alert reps to what’s new every time they access Modus.

  • Alerts notify reps when buyers engage with content
  • Marketers can push notifications when a new promo is live
  • Ops teams can notify reps about a new learning course

Content Analytics

Marketers often have limited visibility to content usage and buyer engagement once reps are involved. Modus expands your visibility to content from a variety of contexts so you can prove the payoff on your investments in content and optimize your content strategy.

  • Track rep use of content
  • Know what content buyers view
  • Understand spikes in usage
Modus App Content Analytics Dashboard Modus App Content Analytics Follow-up Chart
We continue to find new ways to use Modus to have better conversations with contractors, as well as our dealers who then have better conversations with their customers. There’s always another idea, and the Modus team has been great at helping us make them come to life.
Paula Bell
Paula Bell Director of Marketing, Vacuworx

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