Buyer Engagement

Ensure sellers are prepared and confident when they meet with buyers. The Modus interface is as easy to use as your favorite streaming service— your reps will actually want to use it.

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Modus Enables Meaningful Engagement

Buyer Engagement is the Outcome of Distributing, Consuming and Sharing Content

Distribute Content

The Modus platform helps you distribute content to provide access, activation and support of go-to-market programs.

Consume Content

Sales reps consume content for skills and personal development, and to prepare for client conversations.

Share Content

Reps then share content in relevant ways to gain access to buyers—and have meaningful discussions.

Digital Sales Rooms

Facilitate easy collaboration and engagement between sellers and buyers. Digital sales rooms create a collaborative workspace that serves as a system of record for engagement—across the entirety of the buying journey.

  • Personalized, virtual space for buyers to consume, collaborate and share content.

  • Buyers view content, ask questions and invite others to join.

  • Reps know when buyers engage—and the content they view—offering insights to buyer intent.

Digital Sales Room - Tablet

Just-in-Time Learning

Build bite-sized learning modules that reinforce sellers' competency when they need it most. Move beyond losing your investment in training because it doesn’t stick. Short reinforcement courses allow sellers to stay relevant with buyers.

  • Easily build course modules with video, PDFs and more.

  • Include quizzes to gauge uptake and measure completion.

  • Leaderboards prompt competitive spirit and participation.

Interactive Content Discussions

Whether virtual or in-person, getting buyers to engage in a discussion can be challenging. The ability to add notes to PDFs that capture your buyers’ key points, and personalize the conversation, adds meaning—helping buyers visualize how your solution solves their problem.

  • Annotate during a meeting to save + share with your buyer.

  • Have a relevant, meaningful reason for follow-up.

  • Provide personalized content buyers can share with others.

90% of sellers surveyed by Toro say that Modus has helped them influence and win more deals.
Interactive content discussion with seller and buyer
Buyer Analytics in Modus Media Manager

Buyer Analytics

Buyer engagement is a key factor for advancing sales, optimizing content investments, and identifying areas of improvement in sales skills development. Visibility is often lacking. Modus provides a depth of data to help you understand buyer intent.

  • Know when buyers engage and what content they view.

  • Understand buying committee dynamics with digital sales rooms.

  • Learn what content helps advance deals for go-to-market programs.

We continue to find new ways to use Modus to have better conversations with contractors, as well as our dealers—who then have better conversations with their customers. There’s always another idea, and the Modus team has been great at helping us make them come to life.
Paula Bell
Paula Bell Director of Marketing, Vacuworx

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