Boost Content ROI and Increase Sales Effectiveness with Modus's Can-Do Capabilities

Our simplified content enablement and buyer engagement platform will set off fireworks for your sales and marketing teams. 

Modus solves for the unique needs of marketers, sellers, and most importantly, buyers.

Our users can expect to interact with comprehensive, user-friendly capabilities that deliver only what they need. Unlike other platforms, Modus’s capabilities are based on real user adoption rates.

A Buyer Engagement Genie

Modus grants every sales rep’s top three wishes: easy access to content, just-in-time learning and user-friendly buyer engagement tools.

Content Distribution Made Simple

Imagine a freshly organized filing cabinet, but you can access it from anywhere at any time—that’s Modus.

Everyone’s Dream Collab

Modus bridges the gap between sales, marketing, and operations teams. Our platform focuses on only the features your team needs—so they’ll actually use it.

Modus Sales Enablement Platform to Distribute Content

Distribute Content

Your platform is a living entity, giving you the ability to upload your latest and most accurate resources at the drop of a hat.  Modus allows you to organize your content so that it’s easily searchable, making it a breeze for sales to find what you actually want them to use. With Modus, you can create content collections and just-in-time learning modules that are sure to drive business outcomes.

Consume Content

Long gone are the days of snooze-worthy sales pitches and meetings. Modus helps your sales team meet your buyers where they are with unique digital experiences, personalized to their specific needs and challenges—and it’s all easy to find. This cuts down on prep time and will help you send personalized follow-ups. You can even group content together for in-meeting use, follow-up actions, and offline access where connectivity is limited.

“Our sales team has easily adopted the new app and find it intuitive to use.”
Elizabeth Andersen
Elizabeth Andersen Sr. Marketing Communications Manager, Intersect ENT
Modus Sales Enablement to Consume Content
Capabilities--Sharing Content

Share Content

We developed digital sales rooms to  collect data on seller and buyer actions and engagement for insight into content they’re viewing and sharing—bet you never knew you needed a room like this one, huh? A digital sales room allows you to collaborate with buyers more visually, interactively, engagingly, immersively, and effectively.

Elevate the Virtual Buying Experience

"Emailing videos doesn’t work due to file size. Modus makes it easy to send links for photos, videos, and even flyers, and the reps get the added bonus of seeing when customers view them so they know when to follow-up.”
Paula Bell
Paula Bell Director of Marketing, Vacuworx

Value-Based Analytics

The Modus platform provides a valuable and reliable analytics function to help your team make better decisions on your overall budget. Our value-based analytics informs decisions about the impact of go-to-market programs, sales rep competency, and buyer engagement. With Modus, you can grant specific users controlled access and get notifications when team members are actually using the platform—no more brushing user adoption under the rug because you can't prove who is and isn't using it.

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“Modus provides a valuable marketing tool. My team and I rely on the analytics to make better decisions on our marketing content budget.”
Karine Watne
Karine Watne Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications + Training, The Toro Company
Capabilities--Value-Based Analytics

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