Why World of Concrete?

Why World of Concrete?

Yes, we are going to the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas and we can’t wait!  I’m shocked when my colleagues seem surprised that we would be there instead of Dreamforce, Inbound, Modern Marketing Experience, etc., etc.


The Fun Is Where Our Customers Are

Sure, we go to those shows too. They are fun, informative and we get leads. But, the real fun is being where our ideal customers are, and where our prospects have booths and so we can see them in action generating new business using Lead Capture®

At WOC we have several customers using Lead Capture® to collect, qualify and route leads in real-time to both CRM and Marketing Automation. So, this show is a great way to spend time with customers and watch one of our products being used in the wild. I always learn a ton from going to shows like this, and our team back in the office is hungry for the real-world feedback to drive future development projects.

WOC is teeming with companies who can reap benefit from using our products. Companies in manufacturing and machinery are discovering why Modus products are a great fit for them and their unique business problems. Really, what's more fun than seeing those huge sighs of relief when we explain how we can solve those problems. 

We get it, the people staffing those booths are there to get leads to drive sales. So, we try to make contact ahead of time, let them know why we go and why we want to talk to them specifically.   Then, the magic begins, and I say that because I’ve seen the look on their faces when I’m answering their questions.

Here are some other steps that we take (and you should too!) in order to ensure a successful show:

  • Start planning 8 weeks in advance. We make plans and contact the people we want to meet. If we have a booth we do all that planning and if we are walking we plan our strategy. We also plan our followup and schedule the time to do it on our calendars.
  • At the show, we work hard to make a great impression. We get plenty of rest, stay hydrated and look our best. We have fun and keep the conversation light but focused. We collect contact information quickly and easily using Lead Capture.
  • Follow up is easy because we have plenty of time to do it and we have all the data in our system from Lead Capture. We do initial follow up and then stay in touch with engaging content.

(Check out some more ways you can improve your tradeshow ROI)

Are you going to be at WOC?  Maybe we will see you there.  If you want to make sure that we have a chance to meet, let us know. I’m filling up my calendar now, so my wife won’t kill me for losing all our money at the craps tables.

Hope to see you in Vegas!

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