Why On-the-Go Medical Reps Need Access to Content—Anytime, Anywhere

Why On-the-Go Medical Reps Need Access to Content—Anytime, Anywhere

When was the last time you reviewed a job posting for a medical device sales representative and saw this as a required skill:

“Must be able to operate without access to real-time information?”

We’re not kidding.

The skills you look for in medical device sellers include experience selling to physicians and pharmacists. But they also include the ability to make and deliver live and virtual sales presentations, proven expertise in starting sales conversations, sharing relevant information, and the ability to problem solve.

One of the biggest problems medical device reps have to solve? They’re not desk-bound—they’re on-the-go, and they need access to updated device information that is compliant and accurate. Without fumbling around with a Wi-Fi connection or fact-checking incorrect information

What your reps need is access to real-time content to engage their buyers. Here’s why.

Real-Time Content Means Anywhere, Anytime Access

What’s a nightmare situation for a field medical device rep? They arrive to visit a busy prospect, laptop or tablet in hand, only to discover that, without access to the prospect’s wireless connection, the rep can’t deliver the latest sales presentation. No wireless, no win.

Or how about the rep who gets a call from a prospect while on the road, gets asked a simple question, but can’t answer it because they can’t access the latest information on the company server.

In today’s busy selling environment, where the most productive reps must be out of the office to be successful, ready access to the latest sales content and tools is literally a deal-breaker. If your reps need a Wi-Fi signal to sell, they are missing out on opportunities.

That’s where a content enablement platform comes in. 

The most effective platforms make content available offline when connectivity is limited. They consolidate all sales collateral, price lists, pitch decks and other tools in one place, and push that updated and brand-compliant content out to the devices that reps use. These platforms do not require reps to visit a central depository or intranet to download sales assets. And they don’t require reps to have an Internet connection on the device that’s in their hand when they are in front of prospects and customers. All content is consistently refreshed so it’s always the most up-to-date version.

Real-Time Content Means Continuous Sync

In the highly regulated medical devices sector, giving your sellers the latest content is not just a good idea—it’s often the law. Federal and state regulations require reps to show only the most current price lists, worksheets, product specification sheets, legal disclaimers and more. If they show buyers anything that’s out of date or factually incorrect, they put the deal—and your business—at risk.

Reps who operate out of compliance soon find themselves out of a job. And medical device manufacturers who flout regulations with poorly synchronized content delivery soon find themselves on the receiving end of a friendly call from an FDA auditor.

If a rep can’t speak to compliance or how their devices meet requirements, the sales interaction is a lost cause. But a simple content enablement solution can save that interaction.

Reps need a content enablement solution that features continuous sync for real-time distribution in every region, on all devices. They ensure that reps always have the latest, most up-to-date, error-free, accurate, legal-department-approved content to show buyers.

An effective content enablement platform also allows medical device manufacturers or sales managers a way to easily upload and distribute internal and external sales content to sellers and partners for instant access from anywhere on any device. This provides a bomb-proof way of ensuring that only the most current sales content is in use.

Give Your On-the-Go Reps the Content They Need to Engage Buyers

One of the requirements of any medical device sales job is the ability to travel. Sellers spend their days walking into medical clinics, hospitals, operating rooms, doctors’ offices, and more. They must operate on the fly, ready to discuss any product feature, and device specification, in the moment. They need real-time information to hold meaningful conversations and win sales—without a Wi-Fi connection.

Modus is a content enablement platform that gives medical device reps an intuitive platform that’s as easy to use as their favorite streaming service, inviting adoption. Modus delivers simple ways to distribute, consume and share content—and measure impact. Simplified sales enablement to ensure that the big bets you make today drive sales growth tomorrow. Request a demo.

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