[Webinar Recap] Sales Asset Management: Procuring Your Short Cut to Productivity

[Webinar Recap] Sales Asset Management: Procuring Your Short Cut to Productivity

Buyers Never See 65% of Content and Other Stats that Will Force You to Rethink Content Delivery


At MODUS, we know empirically that when sales professionals use the right content at the right time, they close significantly more deals faster. We’ve seen it again and again with companies like Caterpillar, Toro, and Graco.

Now we have the data to support what we’ve observed. Peter Ostrow, Senior Research Director, Sales Enablement Strategies for Sirius Decisions, presented it at a recent webinar we hosted: Sales Asset Management: Procuring Your Shortcut to Productivity.

Ostrow revealed one data point that should buoy the confidence of any marketer. He said that in regular surveys of a thousand B2B buyers, 79% say that the content their seller gave them directly was either very or extremely influential in their purchasing decision.

However, don’t start congratulating yourself just yet. He also revealed some statistics that should give you pause. Of the hundreds of B2B companies that they research:   

  • Merely 33% can correlate sales wins to the content they used to influence buyers.
  • 62% require their sales reps to go to more than six locations to find what they’re looking for. High-performing companies, where at least 80% of sellers reach their annual quota, have 12% fewer locations to search for content. Which shows you that even a small improvement can make a big difference.
  • At 47% of companies, reps spend more than 20 hours per month searching for, creating or managing content. Again, high-performing companies do better. Their reps spend 11% less time – which is still about 18 hours per month - searching for and manipulating content.

As a result, 65% of marketing content, that’s created specifically to help sales professionals sell, is never seen by their buyers. It’s no wonder, considering that sales professionals must search multiple places to find what they need, and then hours adapting it to fit their selling situation.

These statistics point to both impressive opportunity or, for those who don’t take advantage of that opportunity, impressive challenges.

Here’s the challenge: Organizations make huge investments to provide the right marketing content at each stage of the sales journey. But during that critical last mile, when sales reps personally engage their customers, that investment is not producing the return that it should. Sales professionals aren’t using content at all, or they spend about a half a week every month finding it and revising it. Think about how that time adds up – more than six weeks a year of lost sales productivity for every sales professional and even high performing companies are losing more than five weeks. Multiply that by a team of 50, 100, 200 reps or more to appreciate the productivity that’s being thrown away.

Here’s the opportunity:  What if you could deliver to your sales professionals precisely the right content exactly when they need it, anytime, anywhere - whether that’s an operating suite in Philadelphia, a mine in Botswana or a cornfield in Iowa? They don’t have to search for it or modify it. They have exactly what they need when they need it, delivered to them automatically on their mobile device or laptop. Furthermore, what if you could know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the results your content produces because you have the data that shows how both your sales reps and their customers engage with it? If they haven’t, that’s the evidence you need to revise it and ensure that your content is never among the 65% that buyers never see.

Think about the time, money and resources both marketing and sales will simultaneously save and gain.

Sales asset management can deliver this opportunity easily. In our webinar, Ostrow details what sales asset management is and outlines the eight steps to select the sales asset management that will work best for your organization.

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