User-influenced Experiences In the Age of Sales Enablement

by Eric Wells, on Jul, 21, 2020

User Influenced Design

Avengers Assemble: You Are In a Position to Influence

I must say, I think Kevin Feige, the producer behind the cosmically successful Marvel Cinematic Universe film series, has it easy. Think of all the source content he and the rest of Marvel’s creative minds can use to bring the Avengers to life for all of us.

Product managers have a similar role to producers, like Kevin Feige, but rather than adapting stories for film, our product team must understand the experiences created for the many sales teams their services support and adapt them to fit within our software. You, the user, are the creator of our source content.

Luckily, user-centered design is now influencing the development of products created to support sales and marketing teams. Storytellers from companies like IDEO and Invision are using blogs and podcasts to detail the processes they use to build successful software. These design processes are all based on insight directly from their end-users. We know that products built with the end-user in mind will make the design and development of solutions more efficient and effective.

Designing for Today’s Standards

At Modus we rely on the feedback and needs of our users, not our internal ideas, to create the ideal end-user experience of our products. How do we do that? First, we look at all user data at an aggregate level to see what features are used most often and what features are not used at all. This allows us to enhance the most used features, and sunset other, less important features. We are also very fortunate to have customers from a wide variety of industries and user types which provides us many unique use cases to design from. These insights drive small enhancements along with the larger future development of our platform.

Conversations between our users and Modus staff is another important way we uncover new ways our users want to leverage Modus. For instance, last year one of our long-time customers approached us with a problem. Their dealers needed a way to brush up on product information in a format that would allow them to understand the important details in a simple, concise format. We worked with them to define the scope and build this solution into their Modus Communicate application. We understood that the ideal solution would be more than just an interface within our application, but an authoring platform as well. Out came Microlearning. And while our Microlearning is still in the early stages of production, our customer with the initial vision for this idea is now joined by a growing list of other customers who are using Microlearning, and pushing it’s boundaries, providing us with new ideas to better serve their needs.

We align user suggestions with data to define problems and present it to the rest of the business. From here, we brainstorm design ideas across our organization and prototype out these ideas. Next, we re-engage with data collected from the research phase and ask users for their input on prototypes. This allows us to firm up the design before going through more testing and eventually into implementation. It is our top priority to engage with users throughout the entire process to identify gaps and refine the design. 

Express Your Ideas So We Can Innovate Together

Frequently, we hear the need for our customers to have more connected systems. This need has led us to develop new integration points to connect your Modus Sales Hub into your ERP systems and CRM modules. These integrations are flexible which allows you to design based on your desired specifications. We allow for simplifying the writing of actions to connected systems, which include:

  • Creating or modifying a contact based on activity performed in Modus
  • Assigning a task to the same user in your CRM based on an action they performed in Modus
  • Writing the activity to your contact or lead record’s timeline
  • Assigning a contact to a list or directly into a workflow

We enable you to leverage the very best of your CRM and Marketing Automation platforms while providing your salespeople the ability to engage their prospects with ease.

Modus also hosts an annual user summit where we invite our customers to provide feedback on our newest product enhancement ideas. Our Customer Success team also conducts product training and listens to how we can improve the user experience. At our last summit, we heard from several users about needs for additional data in our analytics reports which influenced us to make these adjustments. We are keeping track of all product updates in our Modus Community. Check there to stay updated on what we’re building across all platforms.

In our quest to incorporate as much customer feedback as possible, we recently launched our online community where you can suggest product enhancements, track service requests, and engage with other customers regarding their experiences using the Modus Sales Hub. We highly encourage you to provide feedback as the more input we receive, the more information we have to design a user-centered service. Hearing that our customers are passionate about certain topics allows us to engage with you across all phases of development.

Modus Community Image

Engaging our users with a focus on your needs is central to our product development philosophy. To delight our users, we may not employ the same devices like that of modern-day cinema, but our purpose remains: we are the way sales gets done. We will leave it to the Avengers to protect Earth from evil forces. So, as you wait for summer blockbusters to return to theatres, visit our Community and leave some product feedback. We look forward to helping you improve your team’s Modus Sales Hub experience.

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