How To Use Technology and The Web To Make More Sales

by Adam Luckeroth, on Feb, 18, 2014

The days of door-to-door salesmen are well behind us. Businesses looking for leads and profit are finding new opportunities in the burgeoning world of mobile and web-based technologies that are turning sales on its head. Through a combination of solutions, systems, and smarts, your operations can find revenue and relief in technology, putting all personnel on solid ground and meeting customers on their terms.


Integrate Efforts

The job of selling products doesn’t rest solely on the shoulders of your sales team. Development, marketing, and customer service all work together to make your company and your offerings stand out. Your sales team helps drive the message home, but communication between these arms of your operation is paramount to success.

That’s where technology comes in. Email and meetings have their place, but robust collaborative and data collection platforms have changed the way firms do business. By automating analytics and reporting that information to the appropriate parties, everyone is ensured the opportunity to do their part and make your products more attractive.

From mobile phones to presentation tools to Google docs, every effort should be made to put all personnel on the same page. Utilize solutions that fit your organization’s needs with the goal of creating consistent understanding from management down. Enlist cloud storage, communications, and customer feedback mechanisms that give your entire operation a common pool of data from which to work, and your sales efforts will see the benefits of your savvy planning.

Make New Inroads

For every deal closed, another opens. The constantly rotating carousel of customers is one that all companies must ride to generate reliable revenue. Fortunately, modern technology has turned lead generation into a systematic process of understanding an audience, and reaching them where they reside.

In marketing practices, social networking, content feedback, and mobile technology offer opportunities to drum up interested parties through enhanced engagement. On the web, a well-staffed LinkedIn account featuring active participation in industry groups can help drive the conversation and build relationships. Blogging enables conversation about important topics and provides a finger on the pulse of customer concerns. Finally, location services, including check-ins at marketing events all help turn visitors into leads.

While this combination of efforts helps to grow your client base, analytics are what bring them home. Understanding of target demographics and occupations of interested leads can help craft marketing copy and improve communications. Geographic and age information can help point to cultural and social trends that can help build a personal connection. Regardless of the specific metric, technology enables both the handshake and the conversation topics, all you have to do is use them.

Improve Efficiency

When your sales staff is bogged down with cold calling and travel, time becomes money. Trips across the country (or world, in some cases) are of little value unless a sure lead lies on the other end of the journey. Fortunately for cash-strapped startups and budget conscious institutions alike, technology is here to help.

Mobile devices with location services and data reported through web traffic can all fuel a “big data” approach to sales that will improve operating efficiency and save time in the process. Through location services, customers entering contact information in a web form can be tracked geographically. Widespread collection of demographic information can also help point to over-arching trends that will identify profitable areas and warn against red herrings.

Enhance Conversion

Perhaps the most important aspect of this kind of data analysis, however, is the potential for enhanced conversion. Even trips to a sales hotbed can be fruitless if the pitch isn’t perfect, and discerning customers are demanding more personalized presentations by the day.

Once again, a big data approach, enabled through web forms, ad tracking, and mobile platforms can all improve conversion rates by providing insights into customer concerns. Through the aforementioned collection of demographic and geographic information, your teams can make better use of their PowerPoint by identifying what matters most to potential clients. By identifying these pain points, and even enabling feedback regarding meeting agendas and feature priorities through mobile sales apps, the gateway to revenue may feel a little more open every day.

Through a combination of smart technology and smart applications, sales is becoming more fruitful and less frustrating endeavor each year. Comprehensive platforms that integrate development and service efforts offer the kind of attentiveness that customers demand while mobile and web-based tracking and feedback enable better marketing, operational efficiency, and sales pitches. Through this cornucopia of solutions, the table is set for hungry businesses to satisfy hungry customers, to the better of everyone’s situation and bottom line.

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