by Ardath Albee, on Jun, 17, 2020

One of the assumptions that marketers and sales reps make when people show interest in your website, content, or booth at a virtual summit or trade show is that they’re …

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by Robin Tinker, on Nov, 20, 2019

Sales Enablement is evolving, and especially as companies focus more on their customers, the usefulness of tools like Modus is growing as well. Our CEO, Orrin Broberg, wrote recently about …

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by Orrin Broberg, on Jul, 31, 2019

Change is a constant in the selling environment. Change shows up externally with customer expectations, the marketplace and the competitive landscape. Internally, change shows up with new product launches, new …

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by Orrin Broberg, on Dec, 28, 2018

It’s gratifying to get quantitative evidence that the companies I have the pleasure of working with are taking action to meet the needs of their buyers, and I was inundated …

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by Orrin Broberg, on Sep, 5, 2018

When I began my career at Xerox as a sales professional some time ago, telephones and fax machines were the most advanced technological tools at my disposal. Since then, selling …

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by Adam Luckeroth, on Jul, 29, 2016

High performing sales reps go highly prepared into meetings with prospects and customers. On the flip side, there are a significant number of reps that walk into meetings without the …

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by Adam Luckeroth, on Jun, 19, 2014

From first educating a prospect to the final signing of a contract, sales teams can now complete the full lifecycle of a purchase from the convenience of a mobile device …

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