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by Robin Tinker, on Sep, 22, 2020

At Modus, the best innovative ideas win, and when it came up to us through customers, partners, and good old fashioned practicality, it was unanimously determined we would add a …

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by Jen Borgstrom, on Sep, 10, 2020

Much of marketing’s success hinges on the sales team’s success. Yes, it’s true. If marketing’s true value is contribution to revenue, the biggest bang is going to come from enabling …

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by Robin Tinker, on Jun, 24, 2020

I don’t need to tell you we are living in unprecedented times. Not only is it painfully obvious, but everyone else seems to be telling us this every day, which …

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by Bill Rose, on Jan, 22, 2020

Winning deals requires active buyer engagement. Relevant content shared by sales reps helps build that engagement and creates deeper buyer conversations. Unfortunately, sales reps have a hard time finding the …

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by Bill Rose, on Jan, 14, 2020

Have you ever been in awe of a “life hack” that seemed so obvious in retrospect? Did you obsessively reorganize your home after watching Marie Kondo on Netflix? If so, …

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by Robin Tinker, on Jan, 2, 2020

With 200,000 marketing and sales professionals and 3.4 million files viewed in our customers’ Sales Hubs, 2019 was truly a growth year here at Modus. Our customers, our team, and …

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Topics:Customer SuccessSales EnablementMicrolearningSales Readiness

by Robin Tinker, on Oct, 15, 2019

With just-in-time learning, your sales reps are equipped to get sales done. When whispers of adding a learning element to the Modus Hub first hit me, I immediately knew it …

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by Bill Rose, on Oct, 10, 2019

Modus Summit gathered customers and prospective customers together for the third year to discuss Modus in the market and share new and future capabilities that will bring even more value …

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