Top 7 Ways to Use Your Modus Hub at Your National Sales Meeting

Top 7 Ways to Use Your Modus Hub at Your National Sales Meeting

Top 7 Ways to Use Your Modus Hub at Your National Sales Meeting

The ever-popular early-in-the-year National Sales Meeting might seem like a long way off, but the holidays are creeping closer and the New Year tends to roar in all too quickly. Most often the challenges with large events like National Sales Meetings are in the details. Your Modus Hub has a ton of potential to keep things organized, keep everyone updated, and help save you time. It’s also a great opportunity to remind sales teams of all the useful content they have at their fingertips in their apps.

Having all or a large majority of your sales team gathered together presents a perfect opportunity to ensure that your content is being used effectively and the investment in your sales and marketing technology is paying off. Below are the top ways you can (and should) use your Modus Hub at your National Sales Meeting, both to enhance the NSM experience and increase user engagement with the content and tool that you provide to your teams.

Distribute event details

Create a new Group or Category in your apps specifically for the National Sales Meeting so everyone can see it on their home screen. Add in the whole team as app users, even those who generally don’t sell. Doing this will organically build awareness about the app and the content it holds. Add in the agenda and other logistical details. Since Modus automatically shows the most updated version of everything, last-minute changes won’t be missed or hard to get in front of everyone.

Get Feedback

You know that content category you created for the agenda? Put your feedback surveys in it too! They can be about anything you want information on, new product questions, process improvements, National Sales Meeting feedback, or even app feedback to make sure you are keeping it valuable. You can track who clicks on them and offer incentives based on that data.

Make a Super User Award

Use your Modus Hub usage analytics to recognize super users of the app. Maybe you can go a step further and correlate high usage of sending follow up emails to increased sales. Or maybe you can correlate your CRM or Marketing automation integration to shorter sales cycles. Even without a direct sales benefit you can reward a superuser and let the rest of the team hear right from them how much they love the Modus Hub. Nothing increases user engagement like an authentic peer endorsement.

Send Notifications that Reach Everyone

Need to update everyone on a last-minute change to the schedule or something you accidentally forgot to include in the haze of planning during the busy holiday season? You can reach your sales team in minutes through in-app push notifications, bulk text messages, and emails. It’s even easy to just direct people verbally where to go in the app to find something.

Hold your Prizes Hostage

Salespeople are often competitive, and smart marketers can and should use this to their advantage. National Sales Meetings are the perfect place for contests and giveaways that play on this, and why not use your Modus app as a condition to win?! Start promoting this early.

Don’t let anyone who hasn’t downloaded and used the app be eligible to win the all-expenses-paid trip to the Bahamas or even the sweet Yeti cooler set. It seems a little silly, but once they’re in the app, they’ll see the value and now they’re hooked.

Refresh and Relaunch

Everyone likes shiny new things, especially in the new year, and even if it’s just a fresh background image, a different color scheme, and a re-ordering of the content categories, giving your app a quick facelift and announcing it as a relaunch can go a long way in increasing user engagement. We know that good salespeople are naturally curious and will want to take a peek at what you have that helps them sell more or sell better. Creating a renewed buzz around your app can build organically when everyone is physically in the same location.

Deliver on Promises to Build Trust

The relationships between sales and marketing teams can range from collaborative to contentious. National Sales Meetings tend to bring down walls that can get built up as busy people try to meet goals and only communicate virtually. Since your Modus Hub is a natural bridge between sales and marketing, use it to keep the synergy going after everyone goes back to their home base. Send a quick message of gratitude via the notifications hub while everyone is flying home, or take the feedback you heard and make the requested changes. You could even set up a superuser group that meets monthly or quarterly to make sure you are hearing and meeting the needs of your teams. Getting the verbal confirmation from super users at the meeting makes it much more likely this will happen and be useful.

The end of the year is stressful enough for a variety of reasons both personal and professional. Don’t let the beginning of the new year carry this forward… Your Modus Hub can help ensure the intent and messages of your National Sales Meeting, and your Marketing strategies, are being seen and heard.

Here’s to keeping the camaraderie of the National Sales meetings alive until next year!


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