Top 10 Comments Overheard at Modus Summit 2.0

by Robin Tinker, on Sep, 24, 2018

Last week we held the second annual Modus Summit and it was just about double in both content and attendance over last year, so we are calling Summit 2.0 smashing success! I can’t help help but say THANK YOU again to our amazing customers, presenters, sponsors, and our team.

Modus Summit 2.0 Conference Board

As the Director of Customer Success, I talk to our customers all the time. Most of them are marketers supporting outside sales networks, and from our conversations, I know almost everyone faces challenges when it comes to navigating the changing landscape of this B2B space. I also know that there is an underlying fear that everyone else is more ahead of the game than you are. One thing I love about getting so many of our customers together is that as they listen and discuss things, this fear eases and get replaced with inspiration for what is possible. Knowing this, our team couldn’t help but overhear some conversations and there were a lot of recurring topics: here are 10 of the best.

1. Do you guys integrate Modus with CRM or marketing automation?

Overheard at almost every table among existing customers, this was a hot topic and we aren’t surprised. Most companies are in the middle of a digital transformation with their sales and marketing processes. And on top of that, these types of softwares (including ours) continue to build out capability so the opportunity to innovate will keep advancing. As Todd Speranzo from Avella pointed out in his presentation, doing this early has given him a leg up on competition. (Yep, the clock is ticking.)

2. We really do need to step up our trade show game.

This one is practically universal. There is just something about the atmosphere of a trade show that causes normally forward thinking tech savvy people to go old school; putting business cards from good leads into fish bowls with illegible notes scribbled on the back. And even though they know the brochure will get tossed in the trash without a second thought, they just have to hand it out anyway. (Psst, we can help digitally modernize this, and see number 1 above as we can also INTEGRATE this.)

3. When is Kevin from Caterpillar presenting?

Kevin Espinosa has somewhat of a celebrity status with all of us here at Modus, because of our history with Caterpillar, and because Kevin is just cool. And I can see we’ve passed that on to our customers too. Everyone was excited for his presentation, and as usual Kevin didn’t disappoint. Talking candidly about how his digital strategy is evolving left everyone inspired, and seeing the cool Virtual Product Tours they have built (using Modus Create) is just good entertainment.

4. Does anyone want to collaborate about training?

This was my personal favorite as I often sit in the trainer’s seat. I would love to have non-competing customers collaborate on what works for them when training both admins and end users. There are always challenges to user adoption and to keeping up on new functionality. We can build the best software in the world, but if people don’t know how to use it the benefits are lost. Based on this feedback we will be focusing on this more in the next year and at next year’s Summit 3.0. You can join our LinkedIn Super User Group here to ask questions and give feedback.

5. That conversation about Artificial Intelligence with Scott was cool.

Regular people (who are not computer geniuses like our CTO Scott Olson) have been hearing all kinds of hype about AI. We hear about benefits and miracles, and we hear about potential pitfalls and reasons to be terrified. We get confused about what AI actually is and how its possible. And unless we are very savvy in consuming this information, it rarely comes from someone who isn’t trying to get us to click to their site. It seems like Scott’s smart ethical and informed take on AI made us all feel good and excited, instead of confused or terrified. Thanks Scott.

6. And I thought we had a complicated sales network.

If there was an award for complicated sales networks, Turck would have won. Pete Goede kept it light-hearted in his presentation but it is a major challenge for them to keep everyone updated with the right content. They have even challenged us a bit in figuring out how to configure their users and content groups. I remember one meeting with at least 3 of our Software Engineers, including Scott, frantically “whiteboarding” with lots of columns, circles, and arrows, and maybe even a robot head. We seriously love helping our customers solve problems like this, so bring us your next challenge and let’s dig in.

7. Last year they had socks… this t-shirt is cool though.

We take our swag game pretty seriously and the socks were a big hit last year. However... we thought the new branding looked better where everyone could see it and who doesn’t secretly want a superhero t-shirt… Am I right?

8. We need to be thinking about our buyers more. 

This idea of buyer engagement seemed to hit home for a lot of people. As our CEO Orrin Broberg brought to our attention in his keynote, it isn’t really about giving salespeople what they want. It’s about giving salespeople what their buyers want. And how do we know what buyers want? Well, isn’t that the million dollar question. As Kevin Espinosa pointed out; they want an appropriate and valuable digital experience; but as Alice Heiman pointed out they also want to speak and collaborate human to human. That balance is not going to be the same for every buyer or every industry, and this will keep evolving. Glad to hear people talking about it, as we have definitely not heard the last of buyer engagement.

9. I think you can get analytics on app and content usage by dealer or distributor now.

This is true! So many of our customers had this need and we finally figured out a way to elegantly build this in. You can add all your locations and then tag users to them. Then you can filter the usage data per location. It is pretty configurable too, so if you have a sales network that needs to be broken up for the purposes of analytics (not even necessarily dealers), let us know and we can help get you set up.

10. Is there another happy hour?

This was also true. We roll with double happy hour! The Super User Happy Hour at Can Can Wonderland was pretty amazing. I believe the nacho bar was described as what you would serve if you were a teenager throwing a party when your parents are out of town and you had an unlimited budget… which went well with the multitudes of vintage arcade games and giant ice cream boozy drinks.

Bonus Question: When can I sign up for next year’s Modus Summit 3.0?

GREAT QUESTION. We’re currently working out some details and we’ll be in touch with you when we get the dates set in stone. Stay tuned, folks.

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