Today’s PRMs: What’s Missing & How to Fix It

Today’s PRMs: What’s Missing & How to Fix It

Partner Relationship Management Platforms vs. Sales Enablement: What’s the Missing Piece in Today’s PRMs?

Partner relationship management (PRM) is a hot topic among organizations balancing multiple sales channels, distributor sellers, and diverse customers. Tools that work together to support your dispersed sales team and prospects is the right idea. After all, it’s imperative that varied partners stay on message and feel supported with helpful sales content and timely product updates to gain mindshare for your products and services. 

However, is a PRM platform the best investment for all your needs? 

Here’s the truth. PRMs have a gaping hole in the overall function. They leave your direct and indirect sales teams wanting more to effectively engage their buyers.

The problem is, they don’t offer the same benefits as a partner sales enablement platform. Not only are they complex and clunky, but they also can’t compete with on-the-go access, visibility into buyer engagement metrics, and direct measurement of sales effectiveness. 

Your sales tech stack and channel reps require more. Have you considered that there’s a much better way?

The Answer to Completing Your Channel Sales Puzzle

An enablement platform can make channel sales engagement easier, more flexible, and more effective. As a supplement to a PRM strategy, it offers the simplest interface available—with the high-value functions you won’t find in today’s PRM platforms. 

Here’s a look at where a market-leading channel enablement platform picks up the slack of PRM platforms:

  • Desktop and mobile app interfaces: Access the platform on your desktop or within a branded mobile app (online or offline). No matter how your channel reps and indirect sellers access the tool, they’re greeted with an interface as simple as their favorite streaming app.
  • Share content directly with buyers: Whether online or offline, reps can share content with buyers directly from their mobile app or desktop. 
  • Create virtual product tours: Give buyers an in-depth look at your offerings with customizable virtual product tours that make products come to life. 
  • Get metrics that matter: Once content is shared, get buyer intent metrics and analytics on user engagement, content share, content consumption and more.
  • Customize roles, profiles and permissions: Determine who has access to various features based on the specific needs of your organization. 
  • Share instant announcements: In-carousel banners display announcements, product promotions, and more. 
  • Direct users to the best content: Enable smart ribbons for your Most Engaged, Favorites, and Most Popular content—plus many more!
  • Get everyone up to speed quickly: Create specialized collections of content and training modules for onboarding initiatives, product launches, and special promotions.

Why Modern Go-To-Market Strategies See Top Value From Sales Enablement

A simplified approach to partner sales enablement helps increase adoption across your sales channels, delivers ROI, increases buyer engagement, and drives revenue

With an enablement platform, you can manage channel partners more efficiently, while giving your dealer and distributor sellers the confidence that comes with having the latest product knowledge at their fingertips. 

All this on an easy-to-use platform that gets your team up and running fast? That’s where Modus comes in. We’ve simplified channel sales engagement by creating the most modern, innovative platform on the market. 

And these industrial giants have reaped the rewards:

Vacuworx broke into a brand new market with a new product by using Modus to build strong distribution channels with its dealer network. Read the success story here

And for Toro’s sales team, Modus is a no-brainer. A whopping 89.6% of sales reps in Toro’s worldwide, complex sales infrastructure say Modus increases their effectiveness with its interactive sales app. See how they did it here.

See Modus, the Leading Sales Enablement Platform, At Work

Ready to experience the better way to enable channel sales in your organization? We’d love to show you how Modus can engage buyers, maximize sales enablement content, accelerate your business initiatives, and provide valuable user analytics. 

Modus does all this and more on a lightweight platform that speeds up user adoption. We cut the BS of traditional enablement software to deliver sleek, simple interface your reps will actually want to use. 

Book a zero-commitment demo here.




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