The Role of a Presentation App for Management Consulting

by Orrin Broberg, on Mar, 16, 2014

Management consultants must guide companies in uncovering the core issues within their processes, to develop actionable stages based on company priorities and get key decision-makers to buy into the changes and the implementation phase.


Management consultants can work 90 hour weeks or more while with a client. They require the on-site ability to translate hard data into communications that cause clients to wake up and realize the need for change, how the improvements will work within the framework of the overall processes and drive the implementation phase to completion.

Companies expect results. Management consultants and their clients benefit from clearer and more transparent communications using mobile apps throughout all stages.

Bill Conerly at Forbes mentions 38 good practice management strategies that help form a workable structure within an organization. Findings come from the Quarterly Journal of Economics. Not all practices may pertain to a particular organization, but many can help management consultants and decision-makers identify weak areas within their current organization while completing an initial analysis.

The diagnostic phase, implementation phase, and measurement phase can all benefit from the clear representation of data, presentations and the creation of shared agendas that our mobile app can provide. Also of interest in the study are reasons for non-adoption of better practices. Understanding the reasons why companies are hesitant to make a real change can help consultants communicate information in such a way that it drives the need home.

A Tablet is a Convenient Communications Tool

Many people are visual learners, and that does not end when they manage an organization. Managing consultants find that using a tablet or mobile device and an app with cloud storage capabilities can make a story come alive. A tablet offers a quick way to display the necessary details that clients demand upon closer inspection. Sometimes information gets lost in a conversation. It becomes easier for recipients to absorb information when they are presented with a visual representation of pertinent data and motivators.

Mobile apps can be updated to include the latest trends, interactive Excel spreadsheets, and video from industry leaders to further educate and inspire your clients to improve their processes. The right content, presentations, white papers, financial reports, and an array of the latest and greatest business intelligence insights can be pushed immediately to consultants and clients alike.

This system can be overseen by a trusted administrator, ensuring that apps and remote updates can only be seen and shared by appropriate parties. These apps can be updated remotely. Your presentations can also be shared on a television projection screen using the appropriate accessory adapters.

The use of tablets, other mobile devices and a centralized content management system ensures that presentations, white papers, and business insights are available in real time and are easily updatable. This information can be tailored and forwarded to interested parties so that they can introduce novel concepts to their organization’s decision-makers.

Information is of the moment and management consultants on the ground have all of the information at their fingertips. Management consultants can count on being able to offer the latest techniques, instrumental diagrams and programs, all based on the most current, salient information.

Businesses know that they need to make improvements to their processes for some time before ever initiating contact. Your information will confirm that they are making the right decision in working with you.

Present data from each phase to easily demonstrate the core issues, the agreed-upon remedies and the results of implemented change. Apps allow users to hone in on both the immediate and long-term changes necessary within a specific organization. Using visuals during a discussion can help clients view the processes of change as those of a partnership and will enable them to learn about how to implement sustainable change over a practical and fiscally possible time frame.

Drive the Message Home

Better questioning tactics help a consultant understand their ideal clients and priorities. Some questions as offered on Michael Zipursky's Best Questions to Ask Your Consulting Clients include:

  • Can you tell me what your ideal client looks like? Where do they live? What is their most pressing problem or desired result?
  • What's the value of a new client to you?
  • What is your number one priority for this business unit this year?
  • Who will make the final decisions on this project and who will be in charge of the implementation phase?

Management consultants must understand their clients’ needs and at times help clients discover how to ask themselves the questions that evolve their understanding. Providing better communications with a tailored mobile app is a winning solution.

Mobile apps allow end users to engage with data and concepts in ways that offer more clarity and can be used in places or at times when the internet may not be an option. Understanding must occur before change can occur. Use Modus to make the difference within your presentation.

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